Don’t get your rebond in this Hair Saloon in Iligan City

A month ago, I went to Iligan City, and had my first and I vow to be the last hair rebond procedure in my entire life.

A few days after the procedure, there was this patch in my head that feels funny. It was itchy, flaky and rough to the touch.

It went on that way and I thought it was normal. Until I flew back to Baguio City.

That very same spot on my head no longer feels funny but I felt that hairs are growing on them. So I had my scalp checked by professional hair cutters.

They said. I just had a botched rebond procedure. The spot on my head was burned by substandard medicine and whoever did it, didn’t really know what she was doing.

I was not really aware of what happened during the treatment because I was watching TV and I was observing how the lady who was doing my hair was treating her staff badly. She was also complaining about her father to somebody inside the saloon and how she refused to give him money.

I was not also made aware of the mishap. If she did, I would have taken the situation better.

I felt ripped, because she charged me exorbitantly. I really thought she was doing me a good service especially that she was my friend’s partner.

Since I am miles away from Iligan City, I cannot go back to show her  how terrible my hair looks right now. I will be going to work with my hair sticking out on top of my head and this will go on for months.

 I just wish this hair saloon goodluck, for the deliberate deception and damaged it did on my crowning glory.
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  1. Angeli | 6th Jul 09

    i had the same experience. it was terrible. the regrowth stuck out, and i had a hard time hiding and styling it till it grew longer.

  2. | 5th Jul 11

    what’s the name of the Salon? let us know so we won’t suffer the same fate..

    • Cor | 6th Jul 11

      ambiance hair saloon. and the woman/part-owner was also mean to her gay-crews. it was so bad I was lured into a botched rebond. never again.

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