Baguio City Driving Lessons

I just claimed my Driving Lessons Certificate from City Driving School  in Baguio City last week.

The lessons did not come as a walk in the park for me. It was not even my first lesson. But at least the instructors cannot give up on me. They were paid by me through the driving school.

Mine is an interesting driving history. I’ve had several informal driving lessons for decades.

  1. First from my uncle who was so kind and considerate I never heard a sigh of resignation from him.

  2. Second from our working student, who was also kind however the lessons we’re rough. It was indeed  literally rough as we round the lot near the public cemetery under a vegetation of coconut trees.

  3. Third from my brother, who always had alibis that I have to bribe him with money. He was so impatient he was mean and angry all the time. I gave up after one day.

  4. Fourth from a family friend who was patient since he had no choice. He was paid by my mom more than his daily income to teach me to drive. It was fun driving from our town to the barrio and to our farm where the road was unforgiveable. Just like any other driving instructor I’ve had he gave up with a valid excuse. His cousin died the afternoon we were doing the driving rounds in the barrio. That was the end of my driving practice. I never attained sufficient skill to drive much more get a driver’s license.

Until this year, when I am more mature and a driver’s license is perceived as very necessary. I took another leap of faith in getting my driver’s license. Here’s the journey.

  1. I secured for the nth time a student’s drivers permit. To be able to get this, I prepared  the following:
  • Money. I prepared about P500.00 but I paid the exact amount of P317.63. With the exact breakdown of: P100.00 – application fee. P 150.00 – student’s permit fee. P 67.63 – computer fee.
  • Two valid ID’s. I brought original copies and photocopies of my  TIN card, Employment ID, Passport and GSIS. Actually only two are necessary but i had them just in case.
  • Land Transportation Office. I headed to the Land and Transportation Office in Baguio City. They have a relatively systematic system in the filing of student permits and drivers license. It took about an hour for me since there were already people lining up for their licenses.
  1. Since I could not learn by any means driving through informal lessons, I enrolled in a certified driving school. There may be a number in your area. Check them out.

In Baguio City, I choose City Driving School for several reasons. Their office is accessible. It is just right in the heart of Upper Session Road near KFC. Second, the fee is affordable. I paid P2,300.00 for ten hours of driving lessons. This also comes with a free seminar for half a day with free snacks. It was a big-time bonus, the snacks.

driving, blowfatch, baguio city

  1. The practical driving lessons commenced with a practical lesson on the parts  of the machine.

The lessons were conducted around South Drive in between 15 mins breaks by the driver. So you compute. Ten hours driving lessons for two hours per day on any day of your choice less 15 mins and less another 15 mins trip from the school to the driving venue. That is only about seven hours and a half of real driving. Anyway, I got free snacks and a free seminar and the best thing is that the driver instructors can not give up on me. It was however obvious that I’ve had different instructors everyday but at least I still have somebody to teach me.

  1. The seminar which consists of  Defensive Driving and Basic Automotive is conducted every first Saturday of the month. There was a lot to learn. How to park a car in a slope, causes of accidents, what to do during emergency, and how to get away from the police in the most unlikely of a situation. The basic automative however was nosebleed. I realized that the machine could be so complicated and vulnerable that we should be scared of driving much more commuting on them. I only have to show you the pictures. I can’t make sense out of it. Try to understand them for me.

driving, baguio city, automotive

  1. My next goal is to finally apply for my real driver’s license. I don’t know when and where. It can be here in Baguio  or in my hometown. Here in Baguio the test will involve going around Session Road. I don’t think I will ever dare to be caught in the traffic in a sloping Session Road. Maybe my hometown where I was born is easier. There is no Session Road that I would have to conquer.

I’ll keep you posted on this adventure. I’m excited to get my driver’s license soon.

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  1. pile-Driver | 12th Nov 09

    i remember the first traffic jam i got into when i started driving. its such a rush

  2. alexander | 12th Dec 09

    It’s worth posting. The story is like a mini-movie.

  3. miah c pilao | 12th Jan 10

    tanung ko lang kung ano ang website nyu jan san baguio city. tnx

    • cor | 13th Jan 10


      Thanks for the comment and query.

      City Driving has no website but you can contact them at (074) 304 6792. They have two branches.
      1. Rm 203, Gamboa Building
      Session Rd, Baguio City (above KFC)

      2. Rm 309, C&A Park Manor Bldg
      Km5, Balili, La Trinidad, Benguet

      • john mark | 10th Feb 11

        tnkz for the info. coz 1’m planning ng magenrol dun..mapuntahan nga..hehe^^

      • nick | 27th Jan 14

        hello i am new to this site. Actually im from baguio but currently working abroad. Im planning to go home for vacation in baguio on march this year. Im so interested to learn how to drive, perhaps one of you can help me or suggest any DRIVING SCHOOL who can help me as well. Thank you very much! MATAGO TAGO TAKO AM-IN!


  4. kalyani | 14th Jan 10

    I enrolled in City Driving too November last year…. The manager is accomodating and humble.
    Aside from enjoying my driving lessons, I was really entertained by the driving instructors. There’s this particular instructor who was quite new and highly demanded who is REALLY VERY PATIENT, COOL and EXCELLENT IN ASSISTING ….

  5. paolo | 9th Feb 10

    hello…I’m currently enrolled at city driving school… may I know the name of this driving instructor you’re telling?the cool, patient and who assisted you excellently?

    • gem | 20th Aug 10

      what’s the requirements, before enrolling?

  6. paolo | 9th Feb 10


    hello… I’m currently enrolled at city driving school…yes, its fun and i am learning a lot. its worth paying for… and the manager is worth accommodating too. but you know what? the manager now is sick.He’s confined at a hospital in manila for almost 2 months lets pray for him that he’ll someday get well.its a big lost without this manager……

  7. Pinay | 21st Feb 10


    I hope that he is well now. I think he is a fine and kind old man. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Driving!

  8. xander christopher | 17th Mar 10

    hey i would really want to enroll in a driving school here in baguio since my dad is always busy to give me a driving lesson.

    what if im only 17? is it okey?
    how much is the total amount of the payment?
    and do they need requirement before they can teach you? tnx

  9. | 17th Mar 10


    secure a student’s permit first in LTO Baguio. The LTO will determine the age limit. I don’t know what’s their rule on this. you can visit LTO’s website. prepare you documents i wrote above before going there.

    the 10 hour driving lessons costs only 2,300.00 visit their office.

    happy driving.

  10. iza | 31st May 10

    its a great experience to be enrolled at city driving bukod sa mabait ang management pati instructors… unfortunately want to learn to change tires di nangyari sayang bitin din 10 hrs.. hope next time automatic naman…

  11. Rhoda | 7th Jun 10

    i wish i can be home this year to enroll!!!!!
    worth reading……..
    thanks goodday!

  12. rp | 1st Jul 10

    hello….16 years old can now be given students permit.once i was a student too here in city driving school….it was really fun and we, my friends, learned a lot.the manager now is feeling so far so good. but he is still in and out of the hospital. lets pray for him he’s a cool and smart guy.very humble too…office is still the same, above kfc upper session…they are all very accommodating. happy driving my dear classmates….

  13. cristy | 1st Jul 10

    i’m interested into driving lesson. and i’m 16 y/o only however i wanted to do so. but then i’ve seen that for 10 hrs. its worth 2,300 .. what if i’ll make it as a partime only because i’m studying and i need to fix my schedule .. is it possible? i’m looking forward for your response ms. pinay. tnx so much!

    • | 1st Jul 10

      hi cristy,

      You need to secure a student’s permit first at LTO. Bring the documents i enumerated above. They will determine their age limit. You may also visit the site at LTO before going there.

      As soon as you secure your SP, you can visit City Driving Office. They are flexible, they can fix your schedule if you want it part-time.

      • cristy | 4th Jul 10

        oh! i see. thank you! 🙂

  14. wammy | 13th Jul 10

    thanks a lot, this blog helps me a lot..

  15. rp | 30th Jul 10

    hello everyone. hows your driving right now???

  16. cherry | 18th Aug 10

    magkano sa citydriving? thanks in advice

  17. Pinay | 25th Aug 10

    hi cherry,

    its 2,300Php for ten sessions but you better visit or call their office first in case the rates have changed.
    City Driving has no website but you can contact them at (074) 304 6792. They have two branches.
    1. Rm 203, Gamboa Building
    Session Rd, Baguio City (above KFC)

    2. Rm 309, C&A Park Manor Bldg
    Km5, Balili, La Trinidad, Benguet

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. have fun driving.

  18. cesy | 2nd Sep 10

    hi..thanks for posting this..i was looking kasi for a driving school here in Baguio..and thanks for the infos like their office number and where their office is located..i’ll try to visit them pag may free time ako after our midterm exams..thank you so much for posting this blog.. 🙂

  19. iza | 12th Oct 10

    i would like to give my condolences to sir cara whos so kind to the students just like me before …. he is kind…. approachable I thank you sir for being nice even for a short period of time as a student … thanks and we will never forget you sir….

  20. richard | 16th Oct 10

    to all city driving student;
    thank you for all your comments, and prayers…
    my dad “sir rey” has passed away last october 8

    • Pinay | 16th Oct 10

      So sorry for what happened to your dad. Condolence.

  21. Pinay | 16th Oct 10

    Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Its been so long. I have not had visited this site. Our mentor sir cara has joined his maker. but he has left us a legacy . Happy Driving.

  22. jerome supnet | 23rd Oct 10

    hi boss!!!musta na po?

  23. kathryne | 24th Nov 10

    hi, where is it located? the city driving school. do u have contact number? please.. i’m really interested into driving lesson.

  24. Kelvz | 28th Nov 10

    City Driving school is just above KFC upper session road. The entrance door is can be found between 7-eleven and KFC. Madali na lang hanapin yun..

  25. | 20th Jul 11

    thanks a lot for the information you provided in your blog.:-)

  26. | 23rd Jul 11

    Are there any requirements before enrolling at City Driving? What should I prepare? Thanks a lot.

  27. Cor | 23rd Jul 11

    you need to have a student’s drivers license. and prepare an amount of about 2,300 for the seminar and practical lessons. although im not sure if the same amount still holds true it was about a year ago.
    enjoy driving.

  28. Angel | 23rd Aug 11

    just to update everybody on driving lessons fees. I’ve just been to their office yesterday for registration.
    3,000 for 12 hrs
    2,500 for 10 hrs
    They also offer refresher courses.
    All you need is to secure a student license which will take about an hour at the LTO and costs 317.63 as of date.

  29. ryter | 23rd Aug 11

    ang sagwa naman dito..unahan na ngayon.. kasi ako nag enroll eh ndi nila inaaccomodate kaagad ako.. naka schedule ako for 5 consecutive days..pero sa first 2 days ko eh ndi ako nakapagdriving lesson dahil naunahan ako nung isang tao rin na naka sched for the same time and same day.. dahil sa bwisit ko ipinarefund ko.. sa pag rerefund pa eh depende daw muna sa owner dapat nasa office ung owner nila para irefund.. kaya balik ako bukas para marefund ung pera ko..

  30. ryter | 25th Aug 11

    ndi inapprove ung refund ko!! ayaw daw ng boss nila.. pano ka naman ndi magrerefund kung ndi ka naman kasi asikasuhin para turuan..lagi nlng napopostpone ang schedule mo.. bale as of now eh tatpusin ko na lang ung oras ko. swerte mo kung maganda ung sasakyan na maipupunta sayo. meron kasi silang mga sasakyan na ndi man lang power steering, magkakaroon ka ng muscles dahil dun.

  31. ryter | 26th Aug 11

    hindi ko tinapos ung 10 hours ko. kasi sabi ng mga instructors eh ndi na daw kailangang tapusin pa. Sabi na lang nila irerefund ung 5 hours ko.. manual pala ung inenroll ko..

  32. ryter | 17th Sep 11

    ang tagal pa makuha ung refund na un..pabalik balik ako dun tapos ung babae eh sabi wala pa daw mga ganun ganun na rason kasi wala pa daw ung boss.. mga 2-3 weeks ata ako nagpabalik balik para lang makuha ung refund ko na un eh… naaaksaya oras ko dun..

  33. Yen | 13th Oct 11

    Contact Number posted by Cherry is an invalid number. U sure this is a number in Baguio City? Obviously its not coz I wasn’t able to contact it.

  34. esia | 22nd Nov 11

    I was able to contact this number naman 304 6792, session branch. I’ll visit the office within the week. Thank you for this blog. Meron din palang mas murang driving school. A1 so expensive….

  35. ervin razo (@vinrazo) | 23rd Nov 11


    Nice blog! its so informative… I’ll just ask if I need to reserve a spot for the lesson, kc Im from the overseas, plus one month lng bakasyon ko diyan, ayoko nmn na masayang lng dahil sa mga postponed na sessions..

    and, i have a Philippine license, so I don’t need the student permit right?
    What are the other requirements pala?

    Thanks in advance!

    • | 9th Jan 12

      Pls read reply below

  36. icecool | 25th Nov 11

    …just done with my very first driving lesson with city driving…i learned the basic…it was cool!!
    …i’m just waiting for my student permit to become 32days old so i could apply for a non-prof license…

  37. Shay | 4th Dec 11

    hi..i just want to ask po…full payment po ba kaagad pag nagenroll sa City Driving?or per session po ang payment..thanks…=)

  38. Shay | 4th Dec 11

    hi..i just want to ask po…full payment po ba kaagad pag nagenroll sa City Driving?or per session po ang payment..thanks…=)

    • Cor | 6th Dec 11

      its has to be full payment


  39. | 9th Jan 12

    Hi Ervin.
    I only had 2 weeks holiday when I enrolled for the driving lessons and started lessons after securing just a student permit which i got the same day.
    Very friendly instructors as well.

    It was rather unfortunate for Ryter to have a bad experience with City Driving.

  40. Ramiz Murtaza | 12th Jan 12

    I have sereach your site through google.Thanks for sharing a beautiful and high quality informaton..Driving school is very helpfull for learning. few days ago i attand driving classes in keys driving school. driving school services in Alexandria.

  41. vinzlot | 14th Jan 12

    wow ganda naman ng driving school na to may seminars pa with free snack sayang jan sana ako nagenroll sa city driving school at yung iba na gustong mageroll sorry to say the name of the agency citypines driving 1st day pa lang pambwisit na eh sabi 1hr tapos ibabawas yung travel time na 15mins so 45mins lang actual tutorials per session pero 1st day pa lang mababanas ka na wala pang 30mins yung lecture tapos na at pauuwiin ka na sasabihin sayo 1st day pa lang naman eh dibale sa susunod panay driving lesson na..and since from the beggining ng actual driving mga 30mins lang talaga ang driving lesson at after ng mga 3 sessions ko sira sira na sched ko pasok sila ng pasok ng new clients isisiksik sa sched ng ibang student at hindi ka pa nila tatawagan or ittxt hihintayin ka pang pumunta sa office at makikiusap kung pwede bukas ka nalang magdriving isingit muna natin si ganito ngayon lang naman pero hanggang sa natapos driving lesson ko sa kanila hindi talaga naging maayos ang sched ko at wala kang maririnig na sorry from the manager kasi hindi maayos ang sched mo magsmile pa sya sayo sobrang nakakaloko..and just to add regarding the random instructors from citypines iisa lang ata ang friendly na habang nagddrive ka panay lecture marami kang matututunan sa kanya from driving the rest parang pinapakita nila na hindi sila masaya sa work nila basta magdrive ka bahala ka sa buhay mo tsaka ka lang papansinin kung alanganin na pagddrive mo..pasalamat lang ako natuto ako magdrive yun lang yun but i still want to enroll at city driving kahit for refresher nalang..

  42. paul | 14th Feb 12

    additional info:sa mga students po na tapos ng magdrive kahit anong year man kau natapos, you can attend the seminar for free still.conducted every 1st saturday of the month.from 8am to 12noon.para sa inyo tong seminar na to.DEFENSIVE DRIVING SEMINAR…para maging safe kayo lagi sa pagdrive…
    Thank you and have a defensive driving always…Godbless

  43. fatima jose | 11th Apr 12

    PAANO naman ang katulad kung 40 years na no read no write, puede ba akong mag aral kasi onemnth lng vacationko,

    • Cor | 16th Apr 12

      oo naman po.


  44. shin | 26th Apr 12

    thanks for the info..
    same pa din ba ’til now yung mga fees?

  45. PAUL | 27th Apr 12

    pareho pa din po fees…age limit is from 16 years old onwaRDS PO

    • shin | 1st May 12


  46. nikka | 30th May 12

    Paano po pag beginners, at 20 yrs old na, kukuha pa ba ng student permit?

  47. cristy | 31st May 12

    paano po pag 18 or above? kelangan pa rin po ba ng student permit?

  48. jeffrey | 31st May 12

    san po ulit office nyo?..ano po mga requirements pag nagenrol ng driving lessons sa office nyo?..

  49. flicker | 31st May 12

    hello nag inquire ako sa city driving last week to ung info:
    Manual cars:
    12 hours hands-on session: 3,000
    10hours hands-on session: 2,500
    model cars- additional 1,000

    7 hours hands on session: 1,850
    5 hours hands on session: 1,400

    Automatic cars:
    6 hours hands on session: 4, 500
    4 hours hands on session: 3,000

    Requirements nila: Student license
    room 203 gamboa building upper session road: tabi lng ng kfc…

  50. flicker | 1st Jun 12

    tanong lng pla… ung sa student permit ba sa lto need tlga my TIN?

  51. | 21st Jun 12

    can u please review me bout the BLOW FATCH? tnx

  52. P.D.J. | 17th Sep 12

    It seems like a totally different school now. 🙁 My sister enrolled in City Driving a few years back and she learned a lot. I even sat in on one of her classes and the teacher even let her drive all the way to Kias. The instructor was very kind too. I was enrolled in another driving school then but I wasn’t learning anything.

    I just enrolled in City Driving a week ago because I really have to learn how to drive now (all the drivers are gone in my family). I opted for this school because of what I saw before, and because of the reviews in the net such as this, too. I just took the refresher course since I learned how to drive a little during the time I spent since my last driving lesson. The first day sure was an unpleasant surprise.

    From the start of the class, the instructor already showed signs that he was annoyed with me. I guess he didn’t like something about the fact that I just enrolled a refresher course. He was so sarcastic and abrasive during the first few minutes, I almost snapped at him. He eventually calmed down but for the next hour and a half, he was consistently texting. I know he was. I have a very queer talent of being able to read what’s in a cellphone screen even if the person is just in my peripheral vision. Two hours passed, and the first lesson was over. I went to he office to request a different teacher the next time I drove. The owner was there and he was very accommodating. He listened fairly well to my observations and was very professional. Then came my next lesson, two days later. It was supposed to be a 3 hour session.

    WTH. It turned out worse than the first. I had a fault in the fact that I didn’t have my yellow form with me, but the lesson started nonetheless. I guess the fact that I complained to the owner reached the instructors. This next one was not just abrasive and sarcastic. He was downright aggressive, Talk about being snide. He was making a bunch of side comments every time I made a mistake and midway through the first hour, he kept bugging me about whether I am supposed to be his student at that time. He eventually showed me a text message from what he says was their secretary saying that my name was not on their list for the day.

    I just told him I’ll stop by my place so I can get the yellow form I forgot. Luckily my place was near, so we stopped near the gate (I was staying in a condominium nearby). I wanted to take the car inside the building so that I will be able to get the form easier, but he was adamant that I should just walk the extra hundred plus meters to get it, instead of just driving a little more. I was quite tired by then because of a very long night so I was insisting. He then told me in Tagalog “niloloko mo naman yata ako” without any humor at all. This was the end of my rope. I enrolled in a school to learn, not to get insulted and shown that I can’t drive properly every 30 seconds. I paid in full for every minute of that course, and being at the receiving end of those words and actions are definitely not worth the price I paid.

    I eventually just walked u to my place and delivered the yellow form to him, showing him that I really am supposed to be studying at that time. He told me to just go to the office and reschedule, since there’s another student waiting for him already. By this time, I was just indifferent and laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Now I have to reschedule? And what, go back to that type of instruction again? No thanks. I think I’ve had enough.

    I know that City Driving is among the cheapest driving schools in the city, and from what I saw before, it was the one which is definitely most worth it. Now however, it definitely is not. I guess it’s just the instructors who really make a driving school. I didn’t see any of the old ones there anymore. My sister’s instructor was absent, if any.

    I really just hope that they eventually fix this issue. It really sucks being on the receiving end of what I got.

    • Sophia | 16th May 13

      I just enrolled this afternoon. :/

    • | 14th Oct 13

      walang kwenta talaga nga instructor dyan…ung 3 hrs mo s isang araw parang 2 hrs lang magagamit mo..kc makatatlong ikot k lang s outlook drive,hinto sila s tindahan para mag yosi tapos kentuhan s mga kasamang instructor…

  53. joel | 9th Oct 12

    sabi nga nila you can’t please everybody. to P.D.J., i just hope and pray na hindi mo gagawin sa ibang institution ung ginawa mo sa mga instructors mo and even to the management… Godbless

    • Carlitos | 17th May 13

      I actually experienced the same thing. There were different instructors and all of them were a bit mean. I wasn’t that hard to teach. Well, maybe they’re just too tired and you can see that they obviously do not enjoy their job. My friends are also planning to enroll in a driving school and I would definitely not recommend this school. I am going to study driving again since I didn’t learn a lot from them. They might have new instructors now but I think it’s best not to take a risk and enroll in a different driving school like A1.

      • | 14th Oct 13

        tama po yan mam…s a1 medyo mahal pero matututu ka talaga…dati rin ako nag aral s city driving..pero halos wala ako natutuhan…

  54. Mary Jane | 22nd Dec 12

    I just finished my driving lesson in city driving school….quite cool,my evaluator said I dont need to get additional hours kc kaya ko na but the truth I owe it from them..ang gagaling nila…super worth it…they complete my 2 weeks vacation as an OFW…and to my instructor Goryo na ayaw tumanggap ng cash as an appreciation fee….saludo ako sa u kabayan…thanks talaga sa knowledge..God bless:-)_

    • nick | 27th Jan 14

      Hello M. JANE, js want to ask, how is ur exprience sa City driving school? I am also a OFW, and plano ko ring mag enroll by march this year. Actually never had experience in driving. Pwedeng malaman ang prices nla or tuition fees. Thank you very much.

      My name is Nick..

  55. Mary Jane | 22nd Dec 12

    and to be fair regarding the negative comments and bad service about the city driving…..wala po akong masabi sa service…very accomodating po cla at d ako nagkaproblema sa schedules…they are all professionals but everybody is entitled to his own opinion so i respect that too….keep up the good work CITY DRIVING:-)

  56. Rohan | 26th Jan 13

    I have enrolled in City Driving School last year and I am satisfied with their service napacomment tuloy ako in defense of the school.

    I wonder what happened to you, P.D.J. Perhaps, you were referring to a different driving school, or maybe you should have enrolled the regular course and not the refresher course since it appears you are not yet familiar with driving based on your comment, or maybe the problem is in the way you deal with your instructors, or with other people in general. Respect begets respect.

    Oo nga pala may free seminar sila on defensive driving every 1st saturday of the month. Thanks for the info. I think I will attend if andito pa ako sa Baguio next month. 🙂

  57. Muessa Jennie | 4th Apr 13

    hi.. do im planning to learn how to drive but i only have a one week holiday in benguet.. is it possible? i have experience but its been a while… is it per hour pay?

  58. Tat | 5th Jul 13

    Enrolled to City Driving School the other day. And just had a really bad experience with one rude instructor. >:( decided to have a refund agad agad & enrolled to A1.

    • jem | 23rd Jul 14

      I think I know who you are referring to haha and yah he is rude but diba the next session you’ll have different instructor.

  59. nick | 27th Jan 14

    hello i am new to this site. Actually im from baguio but currently working abroad. Im planning to go home for vacation in baguio on march this year. Im so interested to learn how to drive, perhaps one of you can help me or suggest any DRIVING SCHOOL who can help me as well. Thank you very much! MATAGO TAGO TAKO AM-IN!


  60. | 23rd Feb 14

    anong car gamit nyo ?

  61. roy | 16th Jun 14

    P.d.j bka mas magaling ka nman sa instructor nla dpat d ka nlang nag drving kung sila din tuturuan mo. 🙂 Good job city driving thnks a lot..

  62. hiddy | 27th Jul 14

    who knows the whole name of kuya jun here? haha

  63. Jazzy | 4th Sep 14

    Pwde po bang mag enroll sa City Driving kahit 14 yrs old pa lang?

  64. | 15th May 15

    hi ask ko lang po sana kung magkanu na ngayon ang 12 hrs at 10 hrs manual drive nyo?tnx

  65. "eon" | 7th Oct 15

    12 hours- 3500 for manual
    10 hours- 3000 for manual
    6 hours automatic 4800
    4 hours automatic 3200

  66. "eon" | 7th Oct 15

    long drive lessons available na po pala… tnx
    4 hours and 6 hours..

  67. baguio driving schools | 8th Jan 16

    Im planning to enroll here nakakabadtrip kasi talaga yung previous school na inenrolan ko sorry but Im gonna name it yung PINES driving school it is located just above zola. DONT ENROLL THERE yung instructors nila di sinusunod yung schedule lalo na yung babae. Sa first day pa lang bad experience kaagad. I already texted and called them before ako puppunta sa out look drive ( nag reply naman papunta na rin daw siya) para sa lesson pero pag dating ko dun wala sila… sabi pa ng first instructor kong babae papunta pa lang siya so yun naghintay ako ng 15 mins, 30mins, 45, mins 1 HOUR, 1 hour akong nag hintay every ten mins tinetextan ko yung instructor ko tinatawagan sabi papunta na daw… untill finally after 1 hour 10 mins nakarating na rin sa wakas… akala ko 1 hour yung lesson but naging 30 mins lang kasi may pupuntahan pa daw siya nabadtrip talaga ako doon. Kinabukasan ganun pa rin PALAGING LATE YUNG INSTRUCTOR LESS THAN 30 MINS PA YUNG MGA LESSONS. palagi ring nag aask ng resched yung instructor minsan hapon minsan umaga bat ganun? Akala ko ba fflexible ang oras nila sabi nila yung estudyante ang pipili ng oras eh yung instructor naman… bad trip talaga… meron pa yung naabutan ko na isang studyante na sinigawan yung instructor kasi naman di talaga nasusunod ang sched pinapahintay pa ang studyante kung minsan pa nga pinagsasabay ang 5 studyante sa isang time slot pano sila matututo hindi na yun hands-on eh. ang pangit pa ng sasakyan grabe.
    so ayun. DO NOT ENROLL in PINES DRIVING SCHOOL located sa taas ng zola.
    kahit mura dun pangit talaga.

    I would really suggest to ask the quality of the teachers. gaano na katagal yung school at yung mga teachers na nagttuturo doon. kung nasusunod ba talaga yung schedule. Better to ask rin kung anong sasakyan ang ipapagamit.
    Lesson learned. Its better to enroll in a more distinguished driving school kahit mahal. at least you can say na it really is worth your money. sigh napaenroll lang kasi ako sa PINES dahil mura eh pero kung alam kung ganun di na sana

    • cyrusdavid | 30th Jan 16

      Hala kakaenroll ko lang yesterday. I hope I do not experience this.

      • J | 4th Feb 16

        how was your experience? 🙂

    • | 26th May 16

      Hello, i am enrolled at PINES CITY DRIVING, and my story goes like this. tama kayo sa sinasabi nyo na Every lesson tlaga 30 mins lang kahit na 1 hour dapat. And late pa minsan. Ganyan din ako pinaghintay 1 hour. ang schedule pinagsasabay sabay.kaya no choice maghihintay mga students! postponed pa ng ilang araw. So i demanded for a refund kahit yung natitirang hours na hindi nagamit pero ayaw. SO NEVER ENROLL AT PINES CITY DRIVING!!

  68. rizza hiquiana | 24th May 16

    anu po ung mga requirements na dpat i submit kc po interesado po ako mag prctice drive oral exam pba about drive..txt nio pba ako sa mga iba png info.09281742394

    • Mari | 29th May 16

      Dear Rizza, Thanks for reading my blog. I think I already wrote the reqts but since you’re asking for more details, pls to call the company. I am no longer in the Phils and I am not also connected to the company in any way.

  69. | 14th Jan 17

    Hello, meron pa bang city driving school sa baguio? Trying to call their number kaso laging busy. Thanks!

  70. Dhors | 27th Feb 17

    Can ask whether u have driving lesson with an automatic car tramsmission? ..and can i get your contact no.from your branch here at km5?

  71. Dhors | 27th Feb 17

    Can ask whether u have driving lesson with an automatic car tramsmission? ..and can i get your contact no.from your branch here at km5?

  72. Dhors | 27th Feb 17

    I just ask whether you have an automatic car transmission for driving lesson?..and can i get the contact no.from your branch here at km5 due i live closer to here…

  73. | 8th May 17

    Whereis ur office in km.5 latrinidad ,I can’t find c& a building

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