Beautiful Sunset at Zamboanga del Norte

sunset, Zamboanga
Mesmerizing sunfall in Zamboanga del Norte.

Sunsets are mystically beautiful. I’ve never seen one so arrestingly captivating than this. We viewed this beauty at dusk at a remote town in Zamboanga del Norte. I was a tortuous thirty-minute ride from town, over rough and dusty roads. As we come above the hill trimmed with flower gardens, a cottage is neatly perched on the hillside purposively for the view. We arrived – mouth agape with admiration. The long and bumpy ride was nothing. This perfect crimson sunset is everything.

Sunsets for me signifies the end of the day. A time to wrap-up work or life itself. A time to prepare supper which could be the first or the last with yourself or with your family. Sunsets mean there could be another day tomorrow. It will rise up again on the other side and set on the other side. It’s like a child playing hide and seek, only that it is more predictable than an impulsive child. In life, your sunset is a time to reminisce and reflect, forgive and forget and if lucky to try again and do better the next day.

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