Village Inn: Business and Family Resort Hotel

rubber tree, village inn, cabanatuan

My wanderlust brought me here the first thing I got back in Luzon from my three-week Christmas and New Year holiday vacation in Mindanao.

Village Inn is a quiet little village of rooms and function halls neatly arranged on the sides, while a swimming pool, a natural garden and decade old trees embellish the heart of the small resort. There are two rubber trees inside the complex  perched atop a ground on the swimming pool. I don’t want to forget the rubber tree hence this blog.

The room that I rented for P750.00 for one day was neat. They have hot and cold shower, a cable television and an airconditioning unit. The service was also a delight. The crews were prompt as they were also very gracious.

Village Inn is located at Mabini Homesite, Cabanatuan City, Philippines.

Tel. No. (044) 463-1056/ (044) 464-3474

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