Why do we smell shit?

In high school chemistry, where I stayed on the bottom of the class, and which is the lowest grade I had in high school, I learned a shocking lesson about shits and smells.

This lesson has stuck to my memory permanently.

“It’s all about molecules,” says our gay professor.

“You see molecules travel, like humans travel.”

“A shit for instance can be smelled from a certain distance because the shit has molecules (like air and water) and it travels and reaches your nose, your olfactory lobes and then it is transmitted to the brains.”

Disgusted and shocked our class chorused, “Yuckkkkk!”

This is the very reason why, whenever I smell shit, I wash my face and my nose. If I can do the same to my olfactory lobes, I will. But of course, the molecules of the shit don’t really go to the brain, otherwise, with all the inhalation we do, our brain will look like a big stinky toilet.



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