How many Godparents do you have?

I was christened in a Roman Catholic Church. The day of my christening was 28 December my parents’ second wedding, and their first church wedding, because they had a civil wedding earlier on the summer of the year before that. That makes my mom proud because it means I was born within the confines of a legal marital union. Going back, my christening day is St. Innocence Day – a day when people play practical jokes to each other.

My baptism however was not a joke13 (2)

I had thirteen godparents – a not so lucky number and as ominous as the day I was conceived and born which is Friday.  I have only two godmothers and eleven godfathers. One of my godfathers is an American-Japanese Peace Corps who lived in our grandmother’s house, I still have some memories of him especially the times my grandmother’s sister fights with him violently and which really terrified me, now he is gone, and must have gone back to Japan or America. One of my godmothers has left the country several decades back and the other one I met at the cemetery on All Souls day a few months ago.

I still don’t understand what godparents are for except for witnessing and the gifts, but what really disturbs me is that I had 13. I don’t know what my parents think about the number. Was it deliberate or are they being Chinese? In Chinese numerology number 13 is a very lucky number especially if you put one and 3 close together it looks like number 8 the luckiest number.

So how many godparents you have? Tell me you’re lucky too.



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  1. ylbnoel | 15th Mar 16

    hi Pinay overthinker. I have godparents from baptism, confirmation, and communion, but some of them don’t remember me anymore. strangely, I know lots of Pinoys are godparents to dozens of children, but I am ninong to only one, I was asked to be one to only one other child. Maybe it’s because I never had aptitude to be one. happy Tuesday!

    • Pinay Thinks | 15th Mar 16

      I think I have three back in the Phils. I’m not sure if I have the same aptitude as well. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good night.

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