Angela’s Ashes by Frank Mc Court

Written to the world for his mother Angela, this first book by Frank Mc Court revisits his miserable childhood in Ireland, the squalid poverty, the death of his famished siblings, the physical and psychological battery in a catholic school, a pathologically alcoholic father, an overbearing but resilient mother (like most mothers become when fathers cannot provide and give away to sloth, arrogance, hopelessness, and the comforts of tar, nicotine, alcohol and even gambling).

When Mc Court writes it is as if he was writing to me and to someone who like me is crippled in the area of literature in general and the english vocabulary in particular. But he made it a point to be understood and to be very clear about the life he had trodden as if he wants me to empathize but in a way that makes me cringe in disgust, anguish or laugh inspite of his pitiful poverty.

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