The Secret Life of Money by Tad Crawford

This is a spiritual perspective on the life cycle of money which if understood by the readers, will bring a more satisfying and spiritual relationship with wealth rather than being obsessed with it not as a means but as an end in itself.

“Those who possess inner wealth and work to increase it will receive more; those who lack awareness of inner wealth and refuse to work for its increase will lose what they have.”

“Whether outer riches should be kept or given, and to what degree, will vary from person to person. What does not vary is the need to embark on the journey of self discovery.”

Charity is an important component in assuring a healthy supply of wealth, meaning financially and spiritually. Crawford, shared Maimonides, Golden Ladder of Charity and reminds us that the giver has a greater responsibility in the act of giving and must do so with the right attitude.

“The eight and highest step is to prevent poverty and thus avoid the need for charity. This might be done by teaching trade to someone, starting a person in business, or making a gift or a loan if that will enable the person to earn his or her own livelihood. By allowing to cultivate his or her own talents and provide for his or her own wants, the giver avoids the risk that the recipient will feel dependent, powerless or shamed.”

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