Hide your food from the monkeys!: Palawan Underground River

This sneaky monkey is playing snob.
This sneaky monkey is playing snob.

Never ever at the slightest move give the monkeys a hint of food from smell and sight or otherwise.

These monkeys at Palawan underground river can pilfer loads of food from an unwilling and unsuspecting victim with great strength and skill.  The class act of thieving comes so naturally for the monkeys. The looting and the eating part a few seconds apart. They don’t eat hiding, they make it a point to have the owners watch them in their gastronomic delight.

These monkeys come in troops with the females strutting their young on their stomach. They come behind trees with the giant lizards that resemble mature crocodiles. The lizards do not hurt I assume, but they scared my wits off. One moment they are away, the next moment they appear darting its serpent-like forked tongue at the bathroom door!

But these monkeys are really excitable, when people come into the park, they crawl from wherever they come from, from the inner forests to the sides of the ramp under the trees, watching and keenly observing people strolling by the footpath on their way to the underground river jump-off site.

“Look mum, people!” says little monkey.

In that place of the earth the roles are reversed. Monkeys are the masters and the people merely fleeting objects.

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