Rare Pink Philippine Beach

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Black beaches can be had anywhere in the Philippines, like the jet black beaches in Zambales. There are also fine white beaches all around the country, just right across our neighborhood and some scattered around the 7,100 islands. But there is only one pink beach in the southernmost tip of the country, in an uninhabited island called the Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboanga City.

The picture above shows the sand. It does not look pink from a distance. It was only when I tried playing with the sand, when the visible pink color stood out. Upon closer scrutiny the sand looked like powdered fragments of corals. I was partly right because science has it that the pink sands come from the red organ-pipe corals that were smashed by nature for eons and eons of time until they come off as little as grains of sand and were washed ashore on this very island.

Nobody ever really made a big deal with the sand. Nobody even told me the island was unique.  They never said, “Hey, we’re going to the pink beach today!” like beachcombers are wont to say, “We’re going to the white beach today!” to spark up excitement . Nothing like that. We just took off with our food and towels on a rubber boat. No more said.

So we came with the idea of speedboating and beaching on a private island that fired us up. Who would have thought we would be snorkeling for clown fishes the whole afternoon and eating our grilled food on a pink beach?

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