Sparkling Waters at Sabang Beach, Palawan

Sabang Beach, Palawan, the gateway to St. Paul underground river, has one of the perfectly crystal-clear beaches in the country.

I’ve never given the beach much notice while we took the boat to the other side of the island. When we got back and took a newer route, the water sparkled in a way mermaids tempt forlorn sailors. We jumped off the boat eagerly before it reached the dock and succumbed to the waters soaking up our skin and our travel clothes.

Palawan ,cliff,
This is the beach on the other side of the cliff. I did not take a picture of Sabang due to excitement.

Sabang beach would have been a perfect respite from our encounters with the monkeys and the lizards, and the strained jaw muscles we earned from the underground river laugh-trip. I would have wanted to bask in the sun floating with my back on the water. I would have wanted to taste Sabang seawater myself. (I usually swallow some when swimming. Blame it on my breathing technique.) I would have even wanted to just immerse myself with its clear waters and my feet buried under the soft sands sparkling against the water surface.

It was a grand spectacle!

Unfortunately, I was in an annoyingly large (kill-joy) group. And my request for more time swimming fell on deaf ears. Shame on these guys who do not know how to have fun! Can’t they see the water was inviting?

I hopped in the truck with the group, griping and very disappointed. But at least I know where I’m going to go back to again – Sabang Beach, Palawan.

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