Kris Aquino Fall: White Water Rafting in CDO

I don’t know how much more I can take Kris Aquino messing up a holiday.

At a beginner’s whitewater rafting adventure in Cagayan de Oro City I conquered rapids.  I can’t tell you how many of them because who would be fool enough to count rapids when you are screaming and laughing at the wild adrenaline rush?

The 3-hour whitewater rafting adventure has lull moments. Those times, I drift to my soliloquy, gaze at the scenic view of the mountains and the cliffs, or otherwise just rest my head peacefully on the plumpness of the rubber boat and griped.

Swimming at Kagay River.
Swimming at Kagay River.

I griped silently because they never gave me a paddle so I was unable to apply the skills I learned from the ten-minute whitewater rafting crash course and orientation. It was not a good pat on my self-esteem. I wanted to paddle, I’m good at that, I think and I wanted to show off. My companions were never water nor sea people. They never even ‘boated’ all their lives, never even knew how to swim, while I spent my childhood riding the waves.

They put me on the rear, facing the guide, that gave me a little bit of authority but I still felt crippled and useless. My dream role of paddling has just turned into a not-so-glamorous role of chit-chatting with the guide.

The rafting experience was highlighted with some soft rapids just enough to stimulate the adrenaline a little bit. But there were nasty wild rapids that twisted and half capsized our raft. One of them is called ‘Kris Aquino Fall’ because that was where she fell off.

Kris Aquino is a noisy screamy brat, she deserved the fall. But I pity the wild torrent named after her. That rapid does not deserve the label at all. CDO whitewater rafting does not deserve her at all. Those were the wild rapids we wanted. Not the name of course. Dear God, why Kris Aquino of all people?

I’m a freak adventurer and I wished for a continuous surge of adrenaline to keep my spirit flying. Everytime our raft engages in a wild torrent my companions with the paddle panic, not knowing anymore what a “forward” and “backward” is, leaving the guide yelling for his life-saving instructions. Ultimately the guide was abandoned to himself all alone to save his life and ours. At the back, I screamed in delight and laughed to my wicked satisfaction.

During lull moments of the whitewater rafting experience, I jumped off the boat with the guys on the other raft, swam against the current which is of course challenging, climbed huge boulders that were softened by the elements and jumped into the water like a kid. The whitewater rafting has turned into a swimming/rafting experience which was good.

If you are like me, a crazy adrenaline addict. I suggest you take the advance course. I don’t know what to expect there but as the name implies it promises a more serious adventure. I hope it will be crazier than the Kris Aquino Fall. Opps… did I just say her name?


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