Acupuncture in Cagayan de Oro City

Warning! Acupuncture can be highly addicting.

My search for an alternative, traditional medicine without side effects has brought me to conclude that only acupuncture can ease the pain I suffered from endometriosis.

When I move back to Cagayan de Oro City it is where I have found what I’ve been looking for for years – acupuncture, but in an unlikely place.

Where to Find?

Acupuncture is available at the Archdiocese Health Ministry at the Ground Floor of Patrick Cronin Hall Building across St. Augustin Cathedral Church in Cagayan de Oro City. This health ministry is a joint project of the Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan and the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro City to make available alternative medicine to the public.


It is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 9am to 12noon and from 1pm to 5pm.  They have no telephone number so you can drop there at the designated schedule and make an appointment.

How much?

The first session costs 300 pesos excluding the needles which is 25 pesos each. The first session usually does not consume more than 20 needles especially for first timers so you do the math ‘coz I am lazy. The second and succeeding sessions are cheaper at 150 pesos  per session excluding the needles of course.

Does it hurt?

It does not hurt as much as an ant bite. Sometimes there is a slight tingling sensation which borders on the itchy. Sometimes,  you’ll feel a jolt of electricity from the prick. These happen especially at points where the chi has stagnated. I like it better when it stings and the sensation radiates away from the needle because I am a masochist  and besides it disappears in a little less than a few seconds or minutes. The hair-thin needles are left on the body for at least 20 minutes and that’s the time I sleep peacefully and satiatingly – like a baby.

What does the place look like?

It is not a commercial wellness center so you don’t expect to be pampered with an air-conditioned room, soft and subdued lights, zen music and the smell of potpourri. The health ministry is manned by well-trained health workers/volunteers who keep the area tidy and fresh. There are bed compartments separated with curtains for privacy of the clients. There is no need for air conditioner because the place is generally well-ventilated with a cool breeze at any time of the day.

Other Services Available

In addition to acupuncture, the wellness center offers foot reflex and foot massage, full body massage, tuina, moxibustion and ventosa. I have not tried the last three though. They also sell buyo ointment, ginger liniment, salubo oil, acupuncture needles, moxisticks and lagundi syrup.

Are there side effects?

There is none. Some feel energized after the acupuncture session. In my case, I feel a heightened state of relaxation and bliss every time. The sleeping like a baby during the 20-minute or more acupuncture session is followed by a state of relaxation, an urge to urinate, drink water and a state of sedation – much like floating on air. It is recommended that you take a warm bath after two hours to cleanse the toxins that are removed from the body.

I love the feeling of being light and floating on air. I love the warm bath after and I love the peaceful sleep that follows the night after the acupuncture session. And most importantly, I managed to cope up with the pain brought about by my disease.  Now that’s my fix.


acupuncture, cagayan de oro city

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  1. ruby | 20th Jun 11

    does acupuncture cures hyperhidrosis?

  2. Cor | 20th Jun 11

    hi ruby,
    acupuncture does because it balances the hot and cold chi.. i used to have clammy feet and hands that sweat unnecessarily and excessively. they are now gone.

  3. hannah | 22nd Jun 11

    i have a right facial spasm, can acupuncture be alright for therapy

    • Cor | 23rd Jun 11

      hi hannah,
      did you see a medical doctor for a diagnosis of your facial spasm?
      you may come to the wellness center at the cathedral and ask for dr. tigs. he is the the “expert” chinese doctor. he will check and diagnose your symptoms first before you undergo your acupuncture sessions. i’m sure you are going to be well. goodluck and have a great day!

    • Anna Lee R. Pacalso | 12th Jun 12

      hannah can i asked u if your facial spasm already cure?

  4. EM M. | 25th Jun 11

    I might have to try this one of these days. Last year i was diagnosed with (mild) uterine fibroids. The pain during menstruation is an absolute biatch.

  5. bob potter | 7th Sep 11

    I have a lower back problem which is disabling. I cannot walk!!. I had the same condition aroung 15 years ago and was treated by an M.D. in the UK who also practiced alternative medicine. He recommended accupunture and it was a miracle. My back was better within 3 days. I believe in it!!

  6. | 24th Nov 11

    Thank you for sharing this information

  7. deen | 26th Dec 11

    thank you for this information. will visit the wellness center soon. i have this weird feeling of my body. my muscles hurt for weeks now. hope it can help. thank you again for posting this because ive been looking for accupuncture in cdo. you are a big help!

  8. Moneth | 15th Mar 12

    Hello po, ano po schedule na nandon si doctor? Thank you. kasi gusto namin sana pumunta. we’re from Iligan City pa kasi. baka saka ling ma tulungn kami ni doc sa condition ng mom ko. thank you po.

    • Cor | 18th Apr 12

      hi moneth, you can visit the center and ask ate fe for dr tigs schedule.

  9. John | 30th Jul 12

    Is Acupuncture may benefit people who suffered stroke? Thanks.

  10. Bhning | 20th Sep 12

    Wow! Thanks

  11. Anne Gaston | 7th Dec 12

    Can acupuncture heal slipped disc?

  12. Rochelle | 17th May 13

    Hello is this Center open? I need to bring my mother because of he r knee pain problem & swelling…

    • Cor | 18th May 13

      last time i went there, they were planning to move to a new location. just try visit the place. they have no phone unfortunately.

  13. | 1st Aug 13

    still at St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral church. Just moved few
    steps downstairs below the Knights of Columbus building. See you there!

  14. lorna | 18th Aug 14

    is this still open?

  15. Bob Nathaniel | 21st May 15

    Hi gud morning ahm do you have a training for foot reflexology and thai massage? Pls reply ASAP I need to know it

    • Pinay Thinks | 23rd Feb 16

      Hi Bob,

      I’m sorry for this very late reply but I’ve been away from the Philippines for quite sometime. I am not sure if they have training. Just visit their place. Thanks for reading this blog.

  16. | 27th Feb 16

    My husband has a foot pain due to always standing because he is a guard… is thos can be applicable?

    • Pinay Thinks | 27th Feb 16

      Hi, there. Thank you for reading my blog. Im not really sure but you can visit the place. They will know if you need one. Aside from acupuncture, they also have other services such as massage and others.

  17. | 28th Feb 16

    Dear PT,

    I too have endometriosis. The only thing that works for me is a vegan diet and absolutely NO Gluten. No junk food too, of course. ( Some people claim to be vegans/vegetarians but still eat an insane amount of chips, fried food and sugar.) It’s hard. But I’m thriving. No pain whatsoever.

    • Pinay Thinks | 28th Feb 16

      Hi There, Thanks for reading my blog.
      That’s really good. I wished that I knew that earlier. I had surgery to remove my endometriosis. The pain is gone to. Lately Im also into gluten-free diet and I feel a lot better.

  18. noob | 7th Apr 16


  19. janice acosta | 20th Aug 16

    Ask LNG po ako..ngpapa acupuncture po ako until now dto sa manila..but mai plan ako uwi ng cagayan de oro ..ang sakit ko acute kidney at gouty arthritis. Parehas LNG Dn ba ang gamot name iinumin ko..kidney wash iniinom ko..

  20. shella marie | 30th Mar 17

    Hi!! would like to ask if the acupuncture will heal my migraine headache.. If so, what schedule available for the wellness treatment?

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