I know where to find the best tasting Marang in Iligan City

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My mother is busy finishing up the whole ball of fruit.

I know where to find the best tasting Marang fruit in the Philippines.

The marang fruit is the yellow-brown tropical fruit shaped like a baton with spiky covering. It is family to breadfruit and jackfruit, both of which are my favorites.

When you split open the spiny covering, it shows little balls of white pulpy, nice-smelling fruit.

The best Marang in the country, is in Iligan City. I am not saying that all Marang in Iligan taste as good and succulent like the one I know. The locals in fact can tell the subtle difference between two Marangs. Some come from Baloi and other areas surrounding Iligan City.

My best Marang is the one grown in Tinago. Tinagao is a small barangay in Lanao del Norte where tourist can find the famous Tinago Falls.

If you go to the falls through Linamon, Iligan City, you will miss the place that grows the Marang.  Better take the long and challenging downhill and uphill climb via Ditucalan and that is where you can find them.

marang, fruit, sweet, Iligan City
This is one way of eating it. Some eat it with fork.



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