Let the Crabgrass Grow by H. Allen Smith


Let the Crabgrass Grow is a hilarious collection of short stories by H. Allen Smith. It is one of the books that I have read many times and still laugh at the same things over again. If you like humor books. This one is for you.

I found this very old and dusty book at the Philippine Military Academy Library. They have a small library there, where I frequent when I am bored and needed something to read.

They have a good collection of classic books but with my very limited reading intelligence and comprehension, I go for the easy-to-digest. I don’t read Shakespeare at all because I don’t really understand it and neither am I entertained by it.

I like Edgar Allan Poe though and his emotional depths and angst, other than that I stick to the simple, the ones that is reader-friendly. For me reader-friendly books should not require me to use the dictionary. It should not bore me with meandering sentences and high fallutin words. And if by chance the reading material tickles my imagination and cracks me up its already a bonus.

Let the Crabgrass Grow has all the elements of a book worth-reading for me. The very reason why I am writing about it.


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