The 200 Year-Old Kang-Isok House in Siquijor

Siquijor is synonymous with antiquity. Most of their structures are preserved, like for instance and in addition to the Lazi Convent and Church, the Kang-isok House.

Kang-Isok House, Siquijor, Century Old, 200 year old, antique


Kang-Isok House, Siquijor, Century Old, 200 year old, antique

This 200-year old house is located at Cang-isok, thus its name, Kang-isok or Cang-isok. Its amazing how it stood there for two hundred years with the original materials intact. This house is just 5 meters from the seashore. maybe the sea salt has something to do with its longevity. If salt is used to preserve meat and fish then it can probably preserve wood too.

Kang-Isok House, Siquijor, Century Old, 200 year old, antique

Fish net, siquijor, FIlipino, Fisherman, Kang-isok
Sigpaw or fishnet.

When we arrived there, the husband of the great-great-granddaughter of the owner was there. He is a fisherman, preparing his implements for fishing.


tadtaran, chopping board, wooden, 200 year old, antique, kang-isol siquijor, philippines
We call this tadtaran or chopping board.

We asked him if we can go up around the house. He said we can only climb up to the balcony. So we did.

Kang-isok, 200 year old, antique, house, siquijor
We were only up to the entrance as agreed.

They had very old stuff which remind me of my grandmothers house.

thresher, stone, kang-isok, 200 year old, antique, siquijor
I call this lubokan, a thresher stone.
kaguran, coconu shredder, siquijor, 200 year old, kang-isok, philippines
Kaguran or coconut shredder. This is how we shred coconut meat.

This house is very interesting and is visited frequently by tourists, however some parts are about to give in due to antiquity and the force of the elements.

I wonder, why are they not asking donations or entrance fee to preserve the house and make it a landmark for tourists.


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