The Danish Lagoon: Touch of Europe in Siquijor

It was the name, “The Danish Lagoon” signage in the highway that struck our fancy.

To satisfy our curiosity, we entered the premises to check the site and forgot that we were just there to take a peek. The peek turned into a mini-tour inside the property.

They have really very pretty flowering hibiscus which we call gumamela in our locale and it comes in a variety of colors. The flower garden also leads you to the viewing balcony which is sticks out into the cliff.

hibiscus, gumamela, hc andersen, The danish lagoon, siquijor
Love, love, love their landscaping.

The motel is a mini-Europe in Siquijor, from their sturdy furnitures to their bedrooms which has floating beds suspended by four iron posts from the ceiling.

furniture, europe, siquijor, hc andersen, the danish lagoon
Looking out into their pool and garden.
european, dining table, wood, siquijor, danish lagoon
I’m pretty impressed with this dining table. It looks so sturdy it can last a thousand years.
European furniture, Danish Lagoon, Siquijor
It looks so European reminds me of my Auntie’s taste of interior design.
floating bed, danish lagoon, siquijor, beach resort, philippines
Brilliant. I wonder if this one swings. But its impressive.

We were graciously shown around by their beautifully tanned attendant.  I’d wanted to ask her how she got her color but my reticence or probably a sense of propriety killed my curiosity. Then she brought us to the restaurant. This lady sure has great marketing technique.

hc andersen, restaurant. beach resort, siquijor, philippines, danish lagoon
This is the name of their restaurant.

She led us to a table to sit and we know by that time what is going to happen. She showed us the menu. Our eyes popped in surprise. Everything is so expensive by our standards because we didn’t have money anymore, in fact we were already leaving the island and we did not plan to do anything in this beach resort (blame it on the signage). She cajoled us into buying the burger ‘The Aussie Burger’ (in the Danish Lagoon – two opposite poles apart).  The price was 325 pesos too expensive for us (it is actually just about $8.00US), so she suggested we divide the amount and buy only one. We got the giant and I mean really giant burger in front of us, ordered the knife, and divided it into three.

Aussie burger, humongous, yummy, hc andersen, danish lagoon, siquijor, beach resort
This photo is courtesy of my sister in-law Carol for my blogs.

I don’t know if I was too hungry but this burger is the bestest I have ever tasted in my whole life. I licked my fingers and the wrapping foil and wanted more but of course. I am not really into burgers but this one I really recommend. That 325 pesos was surely value for money for me.

This burger is the highlight of our peek-visit to the Danish Lagoon.

Will I come back, yes, for the Aussie burger.


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