12 Reasons Why International Students in NZ Don’t Really Study

International students who come here on the student pathway do not really study for twelve obvious. They come here for economic reasons.

1. I am here to earn not to study. This is by far the most obvious reason for coming to New Zealand. Students come here with heavy loans from their home country just to get an NZQA qualification- a ticket to get a work visa and a permanent residency. But with the loan that has to be paid why bother attending school when you can work legally for twenty hours and even more than that through illegal cash on hand job? Paying out the loan will be faster this way.

2. I already finished college back home. Most students have college degrees and even a masters degree back home. The lessons will just be a repetition of what they had back home. There are just some who lag behind New Zealand’s standard and have difficulty coping with assignments and exams. But who cares? We are not really here to study. Refer to number 1.

3. The immigration will not look at my grades. I am not really sure about this but with the school report comes the record of attendance. So I’d rather be safe than sorry. Even if the immigration will not bother with the grade, they will surely mind our attendance very much. At the end of the day, a job well done is its own reward.

4. Employers do not care about grades. Most employees don’t care about your grade. But on the other hand, students who do well, get very good jobs from the recommendations of their lecturers who find them hardworking and determined.

5. I paid the school, they will let me pass. Some schools will,  so I heard. I just don’t know where it is. If you know, tell me and I’ll recommend my friends there.

6. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg did not finish school and become billionaires. Yes, but they are innately intelligent, highly creative, innovative and with great entrepreneurial skills. If you have all of these gifts don’t bother going to school and go back to your country.

7. I just don’t know how. It is a reality that there are some students who are enrolled in a higher level of study without even finishing halfway their college degree. A degree won’t matter if one is naturally intelligent but if comprehension and analytical skill is very poor up to the point that one can’t write a decent sentence in English then it is very problematic. And yet, you will find that this guy has luck on his side! Proceed to number 8.

8. The group assignments will save me. Group assignments take a heavy percentage of the grade. So if you are the person in number 8, you are very lucky. Just sit in the fence, party until the wee hours of the morning and let your clever classmates sleep late and do the work for you. Lucky bitch! Some just really pass even with nothing in their brains.

9. There are leakage. M*%##^r! Yes there are! And I don’t know where they get it. I heard them discussing the questions only to find out that these are the very same questions that came out of the exam. Funny thing however is that their scores are very low but they pass and that is the most important thing for them. Congratulations to number 8.

10. I rather go out. You will get to meet students who are addicted to gambling, alcoholism, sex,  and partying. It’s cool for them to skip classes and pass the term with the least effort. What the hell! Life is meant to be enjoyed! And besides, there is always leakage and group work.

11. Who cares I am rich back home. My parents own this huge vast of land back in my country. If I don’t make it here, I will surely have something to fall back on. So there is really no need to work so hard. Life is good. Refer back to number 10.

12. I am lazy. I am just plain lazy. I don’t like to study, to sit in the class for hours listening to boring lectures. I am tired from work. I’d rather sleep and watch youtube back in the flat. My classmates will trick the lecturer and tick the attendance for me. And besides, there is leakage and group work I can count on. Bravo! What a good life!

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