Prickly: A vegetable for survival

I remember living inside a compound in Baguio City with a front and back yard that grows sayote or chayote, a vegetable pear. Sayote grows like the wild in  Baguio City because it has a cooler temperature than the rest of the country.

Each time we need a vegetable for our dish, we just pick from the wilds. Sayote is a versatile vegetable which can be used in a variety of dishes such as Sinigang, Misua Soup, Chicken with Sotanghon Soup, Egg Omelette, Chopsuey, Dinengdeng, Minced meat, and anything we can creatively think of. The young leaves of this vegetable can also be steamed and deliciously dipped in bagoong with kalamansi and hot chilis. or mixed in stir fried vegetables or stew.

The abundance of sayote in the wild has helped us reduced our budget for food. But not only that, when my friend was training in the Academy, he said, the vegetable, that was growing in the vegetation surrounding the area helped them in curbing their hunger pangs.

One day, a girl from the mountain province brought a spiny sayote – something I never saw nor eaten before. They said it is sweeter and firmer than the smoother one and can be eaten raw as well. However, peeling it is better when it is cooked so that the spines can be managed. And it looks like this.


sayote, prickly

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