A sham marriage to get a New Zealand Permanent Resident visa

Quite a few times, my friend suggested, that If I really want to stay here, I marry a New Zealand citizen.

I feel insulted.

She encouraged her friend to do the same.

One mid-morning while I’m chewing on my breakfast, her friend was already busy messaging on facebook and checking dating sites, while texting on her phone, answering phone calls both on her phone and our landline, from different men.

I admire her. She’s quite a multi-tasker.

My friend also urged her to meet and go out with prospective mates.

One day, a man came to the house to meet her. On the nth day, another one came during lunch to look for her.

I really pity the girl. I don’t think she likes what she is doing.

On a separate occasion, my friend told me  again, that I have to be practical. If I want to stay in New Zealand, I marry a citizen, ‘It’s a practice here,” she quipped.

I firmly said, “No!”

I may be drowned in debt coming here, I may break my back working in a cleaning job, but I will never subject myself to a decision that will leave me unhappy in the long run.

I came here to have a peaceful and decent life. True enough, the Philippines is a chaotic country but I rather go back to my country than do something against my values.

Marriage for convenience for me is slow prostitution, for others, it may be otherwise.

As long as I am contented living below my means. I would not suffer my dignity over a permanent resident visa. I’m a hopeless romantic too. I believe in love – true love, and I don’t want to lose it over a darn paper.


i love you
“That day you chose money over love, is the day fatal to your soul”. – Amer E.


Earlier this week, she told me, she knows somebody who wants to marry a Filipina. She said the man already has a house and has his own business. She showed me a picture.

” Ah, that’s one of the guys who came here!”

I told her, I know somebody from my class, who was not really here to study but find a husband. Why not her?

Very recently, she said she knows somebody – a gay man, who has helped a number of Filipinos get their permanent residency through partnership visa for $5,000. All these ladies are now permanent residents and are divorced from him.

Well, good for them. These ladies must be living comfortable lives.

My friend just doesn’t realize a fraudulent partnership visa is riskier than she thought it is. They may be successful in their sham marriages in the past and got away with it, it’s different now.

New Zealand Immigration is not stupid not to detect dubious marriages.

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  1. Gracie | 11th May 15

    Where in nw zealand are you? I plan to come over to study too. If you have time to email, please do. I could use a friend, as i don’t know anyone there. Kind regards x

    PS i admire your values, they are rare. I hope everything works out for you!

    • Pinay Thinks | 10th Jul 15

      I apologize for the late reply. I’d bee very busy/ What will you study in New Zealand? I can definitely be a friend. Just drop me a message here and I pm you.

  2. vet | 10th Aug 15

    hi there! Proud bisdak here too, taga bukidnon =) i find your blog very helpful to those planning to study in nz (like me!) i got a conditional offer for a PGDipSci programme and still exploring possible scholarships that i can qualify. Conditional offer because I don’t have IELTS and not yet paid the tuition. Milyones man gud! But I am still positive that this plan of mine will push through..
    Pag ayo-ayo diha og amping kanunay.

    • Pinay Thinks | 12th Feb 16

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve been extremely busy making ends meet and looking for a job. Goodluck on your endeavour.

  3. Marcy | 5th Jan 16

    What’s your status now pinay?

    • Pinay Thinks | 12th Feb 16

      I am on interim visa leading to visit visa and work visa. Quiet complicated. Life is, here.Thanks for dropping by.

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