Beware of Dodgy International Education Marketing Schemes

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Having gone through a challenging journey here. My wish is for prospective international students to be cautious and to study their options well before spending thousands of dollars.

I have three key contentions here.

First, education agents only market what they know as far as the information the International Marketing Managers provide. There are plenty of educational providers out there and not just the private training establishments your agent knows.

Second, some education agent are scrupulous enough to charge exorbitantly from their clients.

Third, some education agents do not really know what is happening here and really only on second-hand information.

One of my classmates is an Electronic Engineer who worked in a multinational firm back in his country. I asked him, why he is taking business course. He said, it was his agent who suggested the course for him as the most appropriate. He said, he would have taken IT instead, had he known.

How can an engineer with an engineering position back in his country get a permanent residency with a diploma in business? How can these nurses get a permanent residency when they are studying business instead of health care management? Well, unless, if they start a business here, which is highly impossible.

I am scratching my head in frustration.

One of the students who was a nurse back home and who graduated diploma in business two semesters ahead of me, and was working as a waitress in a hotel in the CBD, failed to get a business related job and has already left  back home.

Some who I never met left for home, with almost the same predicament, failed to find a suitable job related to business, and worked as a cleaner for the rest of his open work visa until time ran out.

Some found a job. And these are the few who are lucky.

I really wish I could get lucky here, I am exhausting all possibilities. It can be very depressing. But as for you who are out there, do your research and preparation.

My classmate and I, who shared the same frustration, are planning to start a blog to spread information and help prospective international students. While it is still on the works, I will utilize this blog to post helpful tips in the next few days.


Note: This is not an advice. This is written for information purposes only and as an outlet to my over active thoughts. Please read disclaimer.

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  1. | 2nd Apr 15

    During the seminar, I raised the same question about how a person’s educational background and work experience in the philippines would affect their application for pr, if the course they took in NZ is business course.
    The guest speaker said that the educational background and years of experience is only for additional points for calculating point system for pr. But once you finished business course in NZ, you should get a job related to your course (business) and not just any job in order for your pr application to get approved. Your work and educ experience in the Philippines won’t have any effect when looking for a job in NZ.
    What do you think? Is this true?

    • Pinay Thinks | 8th Apr 15

      As far as I know and looking at other’s success, their work experience in the Philippines have a significant bearing on finding a suitable job. I knew of someone who was a Registered Nurse in the Philippines but whose work experience was consistently office administration. She finished a diploma in business level 7 and took up several training after graduation to upskill herself such as MYOB (computerized accounting and payroll) – which is most often required for admin office managers.

      Some of my classmates who were also RNs in the Philippines and finished business level 7 here, have had several years experiences as call center representative. He works as a call center agent.

      I think sales and customer service has a positive job prospect here more than administrative jobs. The latter is really competitive.

      I knew of someone who is also a RN in the Philippines, finished a business level 7, here but worked as a caregiver. She now has a work visa.

      In other words, your work experience will have a significant bearing when looking for a job in NZ. It will be a different story when applying for a PR. You can check to check for your PR points.

      • | 9th Apr 15

        Thank you for the swift response. So you mean to say that you just have to get a work related to your course (now which is business) so you can get pr? What I was told by the agent is, you have to get a job related to business course and not just any job or else it will affect your application for pr. Second, your experience back home can only provide you an extra points and that the course you took in the philippines won’t matter anymore. Is my info right?

        • Pinay Thinks | 13th Apr 15

          The work is not just related to business, if you finished a business level 7 diploma, your position must be a supervisory or managerial position. The course you took in the Philippines may or may not matter. A logical pathway has to be established either based on your previous course in the Philippines or your work experience there. Your work experience back home can provide you with extra points when applying for pr.

  2. June | 5th Apr 15

    Glad to found this blog. I have a question. I am a housewife, it’s been 5 years since my last employment and I’m thinking of studying in NZ. Does being unemployed can affect my pr application after i finish my studies in nz and find a job?

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