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I am sharing with you how I wrote my cover letter as it greatly impressed me. I did it myself, proud of it, and reckoned that it is organised. I think that it has facilitated fast processing and approval of my application.

I have learned that for student visa application of Filipinos lodged in the Philippines, Immigration New Zealand prepared the positive student profile to identify them into A, B and C. Applicants who fall within these categories are considered as low-risk and high-value applicants.  The basis of the cover letter I provide here is the INZ Manila Positive Student Profile 2012.

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Dear Student Visa Officer,

I, (your name), am applying for a Student Visa and will be studying (the course) at (name of school) in (specific address in New Zealand) on (date from) to (date to).

I hope to depart from the Philippines on (date or week) of (month and year) for New Zealand.

As a student visa applicant, I am aligned with  positive student profile (is it A or B or C?) as detailed below:

1. Aged (state your age)

I am (age) years old. I was born on (date of birth) in (date of place). My family background is as follows:

(In my case I wrote the names of my father, mother and sibling as well as their employment status. You can also provide a list of your spouse and children, etc. I also provided a short description of my family’s business to prove my point why I was studying business. This also gives the visa officer to get an idea how you accumulated your money)

2. Education (highest education attainment)

I completed (no. of years) of education in good standing as follows.

  • number of years of primary education in what school
  • number of years of secondary education in what school
  • number of years of tertiary education, your degree, school and year graduated
  • number of years of postgraduate studies if applicable

3. Offer of Place from NZQA approved NZ educational course

I have an offer of study from (state your course) at (name of PTE), an NZQA approved course which also qualifies me to a Skilled Migrant Category (Residence) points. This is the course advised by the (name of school) Admissions Officer as a logical pathway to my recent employment experience (or educational background) as (state your recent post or recent course) which also matches my skills and future career goals.

I chose (your school) because (state your reasons).

4. Logical Graduate-Work Pathway

My reasons for studying (your course) are the following:

  • To get a qualifications recognised by NZQA
  • To get a graduate job-search work visa after graduation
  • To get a graduate work experience and work as (what job you want to do)
  • To get  a resident visa as soon as I qualify with the requirements for residency
  • To get a citizenship after at least (number of years) of permanent residency
  • To fulfill my long-term plan of putting-up a business in (state desired areas)

The course is also complementary to my work experience as follows:

  • Make a list of your relevant work experience

5. Verifiable Evidence of Funds

I have attached in this application a bank certification as evidence of my personal funds and authorization from the bank for Immigration New Zealand to verify my history. I have (state number of accounts and from what bank) with a total equivalent of approximately (state in New Zealand dollars).

I have accumulated this amount from my (how did you get this much money?, stocks? business? savings? donations from family?)

If you have a sponsor state your relationship, the reasons of sponsorship and how they will support in your study. (This is also detailed on form INZ 1025 that your sponsor filled-up.)

6. Health and Character Requirements Met

I have met the health and character requirements. (Please state if your medical results are sent by your attending physician online or if it is attached). Attached is my NBI Clearance which states that ( say what is on your clearance and why).

7. No Previous Adverse Immigration History

I have no previous adverse immigration history. If you have been denied a previous visa before please state why. Attach the document in your application.

8.Motivation to come to New Zealand.

State how you learned about the student pathway. Why do you choose this pathway? Why do you choose to study in New Zealand? Why do you want to live in New Zealand?


Sign with your name









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  2. kenny atendido | 25th Apr 16

    May I ask you what your field of profession was upon applying for the student visa? As in what did you take in your studies here in Manila compared to what you took there in New Zealand?

    Also if you don’t mind my asking, what’s your current employment industry now?

    I’ve been wanting to start studying in New Zealand for quite some time now but am currently just waiting for the right amount of money to head my way before pursuing.

    Thanks for your articles by the way. Very good read 🙂

    • Mari | 25th Apr 16

      Hi Kenney, will you please send me a message with your email in my contact me page? I will try to answer all of your questions.

  3. sumit singh | 11th Oct 16

    i have done diploma and in mechanical engineering after that 3 years experience with manufacturing industry as an assist engineer then 1 year teaching experience. now i would like to apply for nz study visa so

    i need sop

    any one help

  4. K | 7th Apr 17

    Hi! Is it necessary to also express your interest in applying for a post-study visa, work visa and eventually a resident visa in the letter? Would not the immigration officer consider it as a reason to reject you student visa application? Thaaanks

  5. Jessie | 28th Jun 17

    I totally agree with what one commenter. I think it is insignificant to state that you wish to apply for a residency as one of your reasons why you want to study in New Zealand. It may give the visa officer a second thought whether to approve it or not because it is contradicting to the visa you are applying for. Also, they will check the length of your course and the funds you have during your stay if they coincides. For example, you cannot say to the visa officer that you wish to stay in New Zealand for 3 years and your course is only up to 17 months. It is contradicting to the student visa you are applying for. Right? Remember, you are applying for a STUDENT VISA and not for a RESIDENCY.

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