I am an OFW and I am voting for Duterte

I am an Overseas Filipino Worker, a struggling one, and I am voting for Duterte.

There are millions of us rooting for Duterte and I understand.

I will not speak for them here, I will speak for myself.

Duterte is an embodiment of everything  I want a president to lead my country. A country I left a couple of years ago.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate criminals and I want my countrymen who are earning an honest income live a safe and dignified life. I feel unsafe in a country that coddles criminals – rebels, kidnappers, terrorists who get protection from the commission of human rights even as they unfairly butcher policemen, soldiers and civilians. I am ashamed of this country that has become a haven of criminals in all levels, criminals living a luxurious life – in Bilibid Prison, brushing elbows with the President and the Secretary of the Department of Justice, blatantly and shamelessly showing the whole world (in Discovery Channel) their lawlessness.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate drugs –  the root of all evil. Drugs that made criminals richer. Drugs that control and manipulate politics. Drugs that rape the elderly, grandmothers, mothers, aunties, daughters, the differently-abled, and children as young as six months old. Drugs that destroy families, the dreams of the youth, and our country’s future.

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I will vote for Duterte because I hate corruption and the tolerance thereof. It is everywhere, in the classroom, the churches, private institutions, and the government. “Harap-harapan ang pangungurakot,” and this is maneuvered and downplayed by powerful media outfits with interlocking directors in the government. This greed and cunning of the media corrupted the minds of the Filipino.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate laziness. This laziness among government employees deliberately delays and lets the poor (who hardly have fare and money to buy themselves meals) wait long hours in the queue  or worst go back every day just to process their transaction. This is an ordinary situation in government agencies and it makes me furious.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate stupidity. We judge people superficially and literally. We are unable to see beyond appearances. We believe in empty political slogans. We take things literally. We swallow what the media tell us. We lack discernment. It is this simple-mindedness that China is bullying and encroaching our territory because we voted and hired guards who don’t know how to defend and protect our house and our own backyard.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate materialism. The Philippines has become a very materialistic society, complicated by the fact that a majority is mired in poverty. It is this materialistic culture that created malls instead of farms, traffic instead of efficiency, pollution instead of a clean environment. This culture makes the rich richer because they can bend the rules in their favor. They employ labourers, pay them below minimum and defraud them of their legal entitlements.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate overpopulation. Our resources is not infinite we can only hold and feed as much. When Duterte wins and the criminals are annihilated, I am pretty sure there will be thousands of them back to the dust.  Call me a freak but we can reduce our population by putting all the criminals to death rather than be left free on the streets to kill innocent men, women, and children.

I will vote for Duterte because lack of discipline infuriates me. I hate people who cut queues to get themselves ahead, people who spit, pee and throw rubbish anywhere, people who let their dogs stray to shit in somebody else’s lawn, traffic violators and those bully buses in EDSA, smokers who smoke in non-smoking areas or worst in front of no-smoking signs, people who don’t flush and clean toilets behind them (even if there is water), taxi drivers who swindle passengers, and people who resist to follow simple rules that benefit the greater good.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate disorder and a filthy environment. The international airport is an international embarrassment. Passengers sleep about anywhere and the toilet smells. Public bus stations are filthy too with dirty toilets and rubbish rotting in the open. Who would want to visit and travel the Philippines? Nobody. Nobody cares too, because the elected officials do not take the public transportation. If they did, they would have solved the MRT problem.

I will vote for Duterte because I hate seeing my countrymen abused, raped, trafficked and are working in jobs abroad that are below their potential and qualifications. My heart bleeds seeing my countrymen physically and financially abused in a foreign country. I seethe in anger and disgust when OFWs are swindled and harassed in our own airport. There are so many children of absentee parents that are depressed and lost, and wasted their life to alcohol, drugs and teen pregnancy.

I will vote for Duterte because I had an opportunity to live in Davao and I had seen a model city where I am free to walk the streets safely at night. It is the only place in the Philippines where I can drink water straight from the tap, where drivers and passengers are disciplined and where I’m confident that I won’t be run over by a speeding vehicle. It has one of the most organised airport. Its city streets are clean where I can walk without annoyance of inhaling second-hand smoke.

I will vote for Duterte, because I care for the environment and I don’t want the next generation to be drinking unsafe water because of the irreversible effects of mining.

I will vote for Duterte because I want my countrymen to get an honest and efficient service when making transactions in government agencies. Slippers or no slippers, rich or poor.

I will vote for Duterte because I am exasperated for my country. He is my only hope. It is music to my ears when he cusses “Putang Ina!”He is justified because he is speaking for me and millions of Filipinos who share the same sentiment.

I will vote for Duterte hoping that this country will see its glory. This is the very same country that Heneral Luna fought for, “Punyeta, what have we done?”

I will vote for Duterte and I will take responsibility for the future of my country. I am ready to sacrifice my ‘freedom’ and follow rules and I am ready to be disciplined.

I hope you are too.

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  1. Anna | 28th Mar 16

    Hello, I hope you don’t mind if I share this blogpost on my FB page. I think this blog speaks for most, if not all OFWs around the globe. I’m an OFW myself, I’ve been living in Australia for over 15 years now working for an IT company. I would also like to say that your blog is well-written.

    • Pinay Thinks | 28th Mar 16

      Thank you Anna. Id be happy if you share it. Regards.

  2. PeaceNotTerror, EducationNotGuns | 31st Mar 16

    Before I’m deciding whether Duterte or Miriam, why I’m suddenly turned off by this man? Duterte is favor and advising investors to pay the rebels in exchange for peace… very sad…

    • Pinay | 31st Mar 16

      I grew up in Mindanao where my family have to contend with daily armed skirmishes bet the govt forces and npa. We literally have foxholes to run abd take cover. I understand where Digong is coming from because it is better to give ‘taxes’ than lose so many lives and infrastructures. I have read the link you posted and it definitely explains why. Have you also wondered why in Davao City, the military, the npa and the myslim secessionist groups live in harmony? I have lived there. Have you also wondered why Duterte has strong supporters from the military and even the milf and the npas? Oo nga no? Bakit kaya?

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