On Jeyrick Sigmaton and Being Unphotogenic

Jeyrick Sigmaton, the young lad from the Cordilleras who got hyped media attention because he is photogenic is a lucky man.

Thanks to the ladies who clandestinely took photos of him carrying loads of carrots on his back.

Now, Jeyrick has earned social media following by the thousands as well as several guestings on TV shows. He also got himself a high school and college scholarship sponsored by Wowowin host, Willie Revillame.

jeyrick, sigmaton
I grabbed this from his own facebook page. (Oh No!)

But what happens to the unphotogenic?

In New Zealand, job applicants do not put a photo on their curriculum vitae. I do the same as well. When I applied for a job as an all-rounder hotel staff (housekeeping, kitchen and reception). I was emailed back to send my photo. So I did.

I was invited to the screening interview which I did well.

A few weeks after, I followed-up the job and I was told. “Please, can you send another picture of yourself today? The one you gave us don’t look good, you don’t look as bad in person though.”

I cracked and told the other line, “I am not photogenic and never been. That’s my problem. ”

” You already did well on the interview, in fact, you’re articulate but the managers are going to check your picture. You have to look good since you will be doing reception duties. Send it immediately and wait for their call tomorrow.”

“I will.” Said I, laughing.

So I went home immediately. I had no time to go to a photo studio. I put on my lipstick, dolled myself up and took several selfies of me – smiling with my teeth showing or with mouth closed, dimples on both cheeks or on one side, hair tied up or worn down, with or without a blazer. I made dozens of them, ugly dozens of them. Even filters can’t do anything to improve them. I wished I knew how to photoshop, my brother does, but it’s already late night and he’s dead tired from work. Worst, and he lives in the land down under – above the long white cloud.

I sent the one which I thought was the best from among the really bad ones on the same night.

Tomorrow came and I waited and then the next day and another day. I never heard from them.

I know then, that I lost it. Maybe because I was not photogenic.

Life is is still good for the good-looking ones.






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  1. Dahong Palay | 6th Mar 16

    Sometime the world judge us based on what they see. Tulad na lang sa pag ibig.

    • Pinay Thinks | 6th Mar 16

      Hahaha, maybe your are speaking through experience too. Me I need a job that will see beyond my physical appearance and my cv.

  2. fred | 26th Mar 16

    Hey you are pretty.

    • Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

      I am in person but not in the picture. hahaha.

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