Las Neiredas: A Mermaid Painting in Malacanang

What happens when you blog about something more than six years ago at (mine was the Las Neiredas) and you deleted it and you want to blog it again in wordpress?

You blog it again of course.

What happens if you want to describe a beautiful painting that you effectively blogged along time ago but now you have a limited vocabulary to do so?

You just post the photos.

This is exactly what I’m going to do now.

I am going to show you photos I took of a painting at Malacanang Museum during the Philippine Military Academy Cadets Class 2012 Interdisciplinary Tour,  sometime in 2009. We were allowed to take photos inside. So I grabbed the opportunity.

This painting is the “Las Nereidas” by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida.

This painting used to be inside President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s office but she did not want it inside (not that she did not really like it). I understand her.

When I saw this painting I could not take my eyes off it. I stood there bewitched by the dozens of nymphs mystically surrounding a boat that is about to be capsized in a storm. I am not even sure if they are helping or what. But to me the painting depicts a sad fate for the sailors.

Las Neireidas, Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, National Museum, Union Fenosa, Malacanang Museum, Painting
This is the painting’s signage at Malacanang Museum and I need not repeat it.

But what happens when in the middle of blogging and you are checking the website if your old blogger still exists and searched for information regarding las nereidas (since you forgot what you blog about previously) and you found out that your photos are stolen from your previous blogs and are already sold in the net and the rest are on somebody else’s blog all over the world?

You get stunned.

I am and I am shaking.

I will have a really long day tomorrow.

But I will continue blogging and handle them thieves tomorrow. As for now, I show you the pictures. These are already reduced in size and with a signature. The ones I put in my previous blog in are the original size, because I did not know any better.

las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
This is the whole painting, but not quite. I managed to chop by taking pictures of the nymphs section by section.
las nereidas, malacanang, painting, joaquin sorolla y bastida
This scene just gives me an eerie feeling. The painting may be beautiful but it’s just …it doesn’t feel right.
las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
I’m not sure if this nymph is helping or what.
las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
Playing nymphet.
las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
I can’t really concentrate. I’m thinking of the photo thieves.
las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
This is beautiful beyond words. And this is stolen too.
las neiredas, malacanang, paintaing, joaquin sorolla
Captivating isn’t it. But I can’t really concentrate. I’m thinking of the photo thieves.

I took a shower to take the heat from the situation and still disturbed, couldn’t sleep, so I researched again specifically for this painting in google using the keywords: las neiredas malacanang.

I found out that visitors can take a picture of it, which of course is the reason why I took a picture of it using my ordinary camera. Otherwise, I wouldn’t. I was actually a bit worried that I must have violated some policy since in most museums I visit, photos are normally not allowed. I am however, very sure that we were allowed that time. So I checked their website. And, I am right.

I panicked and check Malacanang Museum and Library website and confirmed the policy of bringing a camera inside is allowed.

I was just using my digital camera which has difficulty capturing the whole painting. Such that, I managed to just take a picture of each sections, which turned out to be really great and which is now the source of my distress.

I also found out that the painting is more valuable than I thought it is. Blogger, Brennan Mercado, posted a photo of the painting and wrote that its value can “cover the whole restoration of the whole Malacanang palace should it be destroyed.”

I didn’t really know that this particular painting is priceless. Maybe when the guide was explaining I was too engrossed with the painting.It was just one of the many paintings in the museum, which I took special interest in.

Now, I think that this is such a messy situation. I will have to contact all of them to bring down the photos from the blogs and email.

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  1. ylbnoel | 15th Mar 16

    hi Pinay Thinks. ganun talaga, basta mag-post ka sa wordpress your post, and everything in it (pics, links, ideas, discussions, etc) become public property, I think it’s called the “fair use” doctrine, sa Google nga nakikita ko mga pics at blogs just by searching key words like “migrant” or “Wellington Pinoy” or anything related to the posts I’ve done. the nymphets and mermaids are mesmerizing by the way. If you can trace the user/s, for your satisfaction humingi ka na lang ng attribution. somebody did that to me na, nakigamit ako tapos hinanap talaga ako. you’re doing a great job with your blog, mabuhay ka!

  2. ylbnoel | 15th Mar 16

    slight correction : “sa Google nga nakikita ko mga pics at blogs *ko*, thanks and cheers!

    • Pinay Thinks | 15th Mar 16

      Hi ylbnoel, I think that the attribution request will be a good idea. I sent them a message to remove the photo. One already did. The others – no reply yet. Thank you.

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