Busker Serenades Tourists at St. Paul Ruins

busker, st paul ruins, malacca, street performer, good voice
Talented Busker Guy and onlookers.

When God showered men talents, this guy, stood in front of the line. This busker looks like he has a Portuguese origin. He plays his guitar on his left, and sings along with it with his deep and very good singing voice echoing  the ruins of St. Paul. The tourists instead of wandering around, just stood, there watched him, and enjoyed his music while it lasted.

busker, street performer, st paul ruins, malacca, malaysia
Playing and singing like a pro.

He impressed me most when he sang the alphabet song very playfully while plucking his guitar skillfully. The kids and their parents stood there beaming with admiration.

busker, guitar man, st paul ruins, malacca
He transferred to the other side of the hall.

This man reminds me of my uncle. My uncle plays the guitar but not as skillfully like him. My uncle sings but the busker sings better. This man and my uncle has a pretty resemblance in their skin color and beak-like nose.

busker, street performer, st paul church, ruins, malaysia, melaka, good voice
How much for this afternoon?

I don’t know how busker’s live their life. When I was in Melbourne there were plenty of them offering entertainment on the streets. They come from all races, bringing with them their talents and cultural identity in exchange for donations.

In an hour, the talented busker man in St. Paul Ruins counted his collection and also gave in to tourists asking for a photo op.

The busker and I.

My mother and I then concentrated on the tombstones in the area. There were plenty of them.

It was said that St Paul Church was built in 1521 by the Portuguese as a catholic church. It was frequently visited by St. Francis Xavier. He was buried there in 1552 and later transferred to the west coast of India. The structure also went through several phases in history where during the Dutch regime, it was used as a protestant church. The Dutch also laid the tombstones of their nobility in the church.

Tombstone, st paul church, ruins, malaysia, melaka

Tombstone, st paul church, ruins, malaysia, melaka

Tombstone, st paul church, ruins, malaysia, melaka

After the Dutch regime, the church was laid to waste, and was later used by the British colonisers as a garrison. The church stood on top of the hill overlooking the coast of Melaka which makes it a good vantage point for military activity.

ruins, st paul church, melaka, malaysia, tombstone
The roofless ruins.

I believe that God all gives us talents to live by, help and or entertain others. The buskers or street performers make a living with it on the sidelines and at the same time enjoy themselves. I really admire their courage to play and entertain the public. I don’t. Do you?

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