I went to a Mountain Resort in New Zealand, What I found tickled me with surprise

Strolling in the streets of Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, I found four passenger bikes almost similar to the ones in the Philippines, the sikad, or sikad-sikad (because Filipino Visayans like to repeat words playfully).

The sikad is a three-wheeled pedicab used as a public transport for short or medium distances. Sikad is a Visayan word, meaning, to pedal. The driver pedals the bike to take his passengers to their destination.

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This novelty is a surprise to European tourists as well. I found two girls giggling while pedalling the bike.

Driving a sikad sikad is a livelihood back in my country because jobs are scarce. Unlike in other countries where people walk for distances to get to a public commute, there is something about the Filipinos that don’t want to walk, probably because of the heat.

In Malacca, Malaysia they also have a similar version but with a colorful twist because their bikes are decorated with paper flowers and loud banging music. Both the Malaysian and Philippine versions are alike because driving the cart is a means of income for both.

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Who wants to sit here like a queen?

The difference between the New Zealand version and the Asian version is that the New Zealand version is for rent and you have to drive it. It is also four-wheeled. The two bikes are attached together through a middle cart. Two drivers simultaneously pedaling is necessary to propel the cart.

Whoever thought of these bikes in the mountains must have some Asian influence. I will learn later because I will be going back there soon.


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    Very interesting story. Because of confusion the love story of general luna revealed. Nice research. 😊

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