Sebastian Baste Duterte: Hunk and Well-Spoken Son of Rodrigo Duterte

Girls are swooning over this new social media sensation, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte.

Sebastian, Duterte, Baste, hunk, macho
Uh hum. Girls love the bad boy image. Grabbed from:

The first time I saw this guy  is in one of the photos during the Duterte-Cayetano kick-off rally in Tondo, Manila on February 9, 2016. I didn’t  know him I just thought he was one attractive local rock band member.

The second time was when he campaigned for his father in Hongkong with Robin Padilla on February 21, 2016. I was watching the videos and scanned the photos. I thought this guy has the bearing.

Sebastian, Baste, Duterte, Hunk
Grabbed from one of the online photos circulating in social media.

Then my facebook friend posted some photos of him labeling him as his crush. I said why not, and I spent the whole night googling about him and found only tidbits.

In one of the few posts I found is a forum which bores the title ,”Ang yummy naman ng isang anak ni Duterte,”  (One of Duterte’s son is hot or literally delicious) showing the same picture as below.

Sebastian, Duterte, Baste, Hunk, Macho
Sara, Paolo and Baste. I don’t know from where the original photo is taken.

And then, nothing more.

Disappointed. I slept late and woke up until the middle of the morning.

Why would I spend time googling about this person, I don’t know, and should not matter?

First, he is Rodrigo Duterte’s son. We all know Digong, the political rock-star future president of the Philippines.

Second, he is a hunk and a divergent. He is covered with tattoos. He wears a lip ring. He looks as bad-ass, uncanny just like his siblings Sara Duterte-Carpio and Paolo Duterte.

Sebastian, baste, duterte, hunk,macho
Guys covered in tattoos are the ones with the softest of hearts. Grabbed from

Third, I saw him shirtless with his surf on a beach on a facebook post and I spent the afternoon today searching for the post to my deepest regret. It is gone.

And since I’m not the type of person who gives up easily.

I have it now.



Sebastian, baste, duterte, hunk, macho, yummy, surfer
OMG! Needs no caption. Grabbed from

Fourth, I heard him speak in front of different audiences many times but the last two in a more mature audience and I am impressed. This guy is well-spoken and he doesn’t bring any notes (just like, you know who).

Baste was a private person until the 2016 presidential elections when he was tasked to do the rounds to campaign for his father as his sister and brother also have important things to attend to in Davao City.

But as soon as he went public, girls are drooling over the macho Baste Duterte (who wouldn’t?). You see he does not really have the ultra-mestizo good looks like actors have but he has the x-factor. That factor which is unexplainable. The ruggedly handsome, no fuss look. He has a lot of charisma, much like his dad and he can literally draw a crowd and the girls of course. Whoever picked him up to be his father’s youth representative is doing a good job.

Sebastian, baste, duterte, hunk, macho, yummy, surfer
This is how one girl described him. Others quote DJ Alvaro’s song, Maginoo pero medyo bastos type. Source:randomthoughts92.

But I am sorry to tell you that at the age of 28, Baste already has two kids, a five year-old love-child and now a two-year-old son with his current live-in surfer partner (ouch!).

He was the typical student who didn’t do well in class and was sent by his father to Manila to straighten up and finished high school in San Beda where his sister also studied law. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in Ateneo de Davao. He passed the San Beda Law School entrance exam but his father, Digong knows, that it is not for him. He did not pursue law and instead followed his passion in surfing and ventured into the recycling business.

Sebastian, baste, duterte, hunk, macho, yummy, surfer
Aww! My surfer guy! Grabbed from his personal facebook profile photo.

He plays the guitar and the drums and sings as well. I just learned that last night (March 20, 2016), after the presidential debate, he entertained a huge crowd with two rock songs at Cebu Coliseum and I am a little bit peeved that I cannot find any link tonight.

Whatever happens, Baste has a good future ahead of him, he has the genes and the charm to make it in whatever career he ventures.

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  1. Synnex | 22nd Mar 16

    Nice read! This guy is so private that it was just recently that I found out that Digong has a 3rd son, and I’m a Davaoeno..! XD

    • Pinay Thinks | 22nd Mar 16

      Thank you Synnex. You must be very lucky you come from the city of Davao.

      • Synnex | 22nd Mar 16

        Yes, I feel blessed to call Davao my home. There is just no place like Davao.. when you reach the border checkpoints, you know you’re already safe.

        • john z. | 27th Mar 16

          I totally agree with this one 🙂 seat belts on…

  2. Pinay Thinks | 22nd Mar 16

    I lived and worked there for a year and I love it. I’m planning to get a retirement house there and a farm. Thanks Synnex. See you.

  3. sookie_rein | 24th Mar 16

    Is it possible you can show the link where we can view his impressive speeches? Salamat and Mabuhay ka. Im doing a marathon of reading your blogposts.

  4. Pinay Thinks | 24th Mar 16

    Hi Sookie. Thanks for reading my blog. Here’s one of the videos. I cannot find anymore the rest but sometimes it pops up in my facebook. I’ll just update this post from time to time.

  5. Cheng | 24th Mar 16

    I got the chance to know him during High School since we were both members of the San Beda band. This guy was so reserved, it was through others that I found out he was the son of the Davao Mayor.

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Marami nga nagsabi reserved daw sya. Weird nga eh ngayon lang sya lumabas at nangampanya pa.

  6. Alexandra | 24th Mar 16

    I remember that when I was in college, 7 years ago. I was watching a Sunday program, Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa. His father, Mayor, said on air after his usual political Q & A something like “Baste, dugay na tawun ta wala nagkita, uli na intawun dong, ayaw na sigeg laag.” (I havent seen you for so long, come back home.)

    Ive heard that this guy is simple, generous and doesnt have a body guard, humble and kind. And he’s gorgeous. He looks like a bad boy though, rugged, all the more attractive!

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Aw laagan pud diay ni sya? Bitaw naa ni syay appeal. Ruggedly handsome.
      Maong na curious ko.

      • Alexandra | 25th Mar 16

        Yes! Active/Adventurous lifestyle. Di sa unta ni siya pakasal oi. Mabroken hearted jud ko. Wahahahahaha.

        • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

          Mao jud. 😊

        • Rude Lynn | 28th Mar 16


  7. | 25th Mar 16

    enjoyed my reading.

  8. Lyn | 25th Mar 16

    Schoolmate nako ni si Baste ug si Ate Sara tong elementary/HS ko. Makita namo si Digong, dili sila hambog. Makita namo every recognition day si Digong mag attend like any other parent.. magpin sa ribbon or medal sa iyang anak. Simple lang sila.. approachable pud.. makita namo si Digong kastorya uban parents. Dili sila papansin unlike ni epal Maruhas.

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Humble bitaw gyud sila. Maayo unta nga ma appreciate sila sa mga tawo sa Pinas.

      • | 26th Mar 16

        Ateneo HS bah ni sila nagschool?

        • Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

          si baste sa san beda nag high school.

        • andy | 27th Mar 16

          dili.Philippine women’s College of Davao si VM Pulong & Mayor Inday schoolmate nako sila ahead si pulong nako 1 year and 2 years young nako si inday. si Baste wa nako kabalo asa ning skwela pero baby pa sya lagi ko nakikita sa school namin kase teacher ang mom nila sa pwc before

  9. Ann G. | 25th Mar 16

    OMG! I can’t stop myself from smiling and be~kilig while reading this!
    Hahaha! OMG! Now I’ve got a new crush too!

    ( ^ ~ ^ )

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Yeah I know. Somebody just posted their easter family picture in facebook (his partner and son is there. Indaysara also just posted his pic in IG and the caption is funny.😊

      • | 26th Mar 16

        Link pls!

        • Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

          I tried scrolling down my fb but cudnt find the link. I have the pic though. You can follow indaysaraduterte in instagram, she knows a lot of girls are crushing on her bro thats why shes teasing on her recent post.

      • Ann G. | 26th Mar 16

        Awww I just saw it. Di ko maintindihan mam. Hehehe :p

        • Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

          Hi Ann, please dont call me ma’am but I’ll write a post later with translation.

  10. | 26th Mar 16

    Link pls!

  11. Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

    Still looking for the page, hopefully it pops up my feed.

  12. Sebastian Duterte: Crush ng Bayan – Pinay Thinks | 26th Mar 16

    […] Baste has always been a very private individual that even his high school classmates at San Beda do not know who he was until they learned about him from the grapevine. […]

  13. Cher | 27th Mar 16

    OMG i am also tagging my gay friends whenever i saw Baste’s pic online until I dreamt of him. He is living in a house adjacent to ours. I was very ‘kilig’ at that moment he wanted to enter our sala but I was dismayed because he will just borrow my “so-girly” handbag. Haha. Naka mata na noon ko!

  14. Nice | 27th Mar 16

    I think his live in partner is not a surfer nung hindi pa naging sila. Before naging sila, she was a model here in davao. She’s so pretty too.

    • Pinay Thinks | 27th Mar 16

      Yes, I’d seen her in the pic. She is indeed.

  15. | 27th Mar 16

    Can you post the picture of his live in partner and his children?

  16. deysi | 30th Mar 16

    Good info.. I also spent hours googling him but didn’t found anything new… He’s so yummy! 😻😻😻

    • Pinay | 30th Mar 16

      Hi Daisy Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy! 😻😻😻

  17. Christine Alonzo Kwe | 31st Mar 16

    Omg. Soo glad I read this. Thanks!

  18. Sebastian Duterte: Presidential Son and Crush ng Bayan - Pinay Thinks | 1st Apr 16

    […] Baste has always been a very private individual that even his high school classmates at San Beda do not know who he was until they learned about him from the grapevine. […]

  19. Breach | 6th Apr 16

    Thanks for writing about Baste. We in Davao have so much respect to the Duterte family esp Mayor Digong. You mentioned about wanting to see his gig performances, I’ve got one uploaded during their recent trip here in SG – search nyo lng po Sebastian Baste Duterte singing 🙂 have a great day

  20. Breach | 7th Apr 16

    No problem po. Pray din po natin na maging malinis ang coming election. Happy happy dance dance dance 🙂

  21. Andromeda | 16th Apr 16

    i dunno why but I find baste very very attractive.. *drolling*

    • Mari | 25th Apr 16

      He is so sikat. Right now, he is the most searched in my blog, as well as the most viewed.

  22. Baste Duterte: The "It" Guy - Pinay Thinks | 25th Apr 16

    […] I wrote my first blog post about him, then second and then this one. Because I am trying to make sense of Baste […]

  23. fjcruisergirl | 25th Apr 16

    I was born in Davao but not currently living there anymore but I am still curious of what’s going on. I followed Mayor Duterte’s campaign every time I got a chance. I wonder, how he is running his campaign knowing that he is most likely not accepting favors from people that would expect huge political favor once he is in office. Then, I found my answers. His family is campaigning for him as sort of help, then I came across this guy. First thought that came to mind…darn he is hot, and yes Mari you are right with the “ruggedly” handsome description. Second thought, “too late now to go home to Davao, I am already happily” but yes, he seems like one of those Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne type kind of handsome…(it could be just me thinking that) but wow….the girl who got him now is very lucky!! one that can sing and surf…!!

  24. | 25th Apr 16

    anong personal fb nya? hehehe ang HOOOT!!!

  25. Jhen | 25th Apr 16

    anong personal fb nya? hehehe ang HOOOT!!!

  26. Jhen | 25th Apr 16

    anong personal fb nya? hehehe ang HOOOT!!! ♥♥♥

  27. EC Soulad | 26th Apr 16

    OK pa sa alright na si Baste… minsan naabutan ko yan sa Damosa wa ko kabalo anak diay ni Mayor.. Tahimik lang pero kapag nakakainom na ng marami namumula na pero kahit alam mo nang lasing walang hangin pa din nakakausap pa din ng matino. Di tulad ng iba na anak ng mga negosyante nuknukan ng yabang.

  28. Julia | 27th Apr 16

    Hai ang gwao talaga nya gosh.. nakita ko to sa Davao simpleng tao kahit bad boy pro gwapo

  29. Tes | 29th Apr 16

    Thanks mam for sharing us the life of baste Duterte,.. yes, he’s so hot.. Oh my gosh, makalaglag panga ang kagwapuhan,..

    • Mari | 29th Apr 16

      Thanks for reading this blog. Tes. All the best.

  30. | 30th Apr 16

    I cant say anything bsta crush ko sya

  31. | 30th Apr 16

    Hi. Love-child? What’s e meaning of that?

    • Mari | 30th Apr 16

      Child born to parents who are not married.

  32. Jfkka | 19th May 16

    You forgot the most important detail .. He got two kids already 😉

  33. FantaztikBaby | 1st Jul 16

    I enjoy what i read. But some of it make me shocked. I hope that someday i will meet him personally.

    • | 18th Nov 16

      Haba ng baba mo at panget mo crush ng mga duling.

  34. Baste Duterte Decried Discrimination Against Persons with Tattoos - Pinay Thinks | 9th Jul 16

    […] son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte decried discrimination and stereotyping against people covered in […]

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