Sebastian Duterte: Presidential Son and Crush ng Bayan

Sebastia, Duterte, Baste, hunk, handsome, badass, bald
Oh my! That look! Caption Reads: “Happy Birthday Bro. Good Health Always! Cheers. November 3, 2015.

Girls all over the island are suddenly crushing on Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, the good looking son of Rodrigo Duterte.

And why not? Don’t we all love the quiet, rough looking but gentle and attractive guy sitting  in the corner of the classroom?

Baste has always been a very private individual that even his high school classmates at San Beda do not know who he was until they learned about him from the grapevine.

The reluctant Baste came out in public when he started to campaign for his father’s 2016 presidential bid. This is when this ruggedly handsome, gentle yet savage, maginoo pero medyo bastos  type of guy (as girls describe him) has charmed so many girls that his campaign sorties turned out to be a selfie festival of “kilig” girls.

No matter how this guy humbles himself and subdues whatever gem he carries with his good genes, he cannot hide the very fact that he is a very desirable individual with a smoking hot sex appeal that no amount of cover up can do.

So move over Alden Richards and James Reid.

Sebastian, Baste, Duterte, Hot, Hunk, Badass
Fresh from the shower look. April 28, 2015. From left, Inday Sara, Paolo and of course, our guy.

We have here a real man and a patriot with natural good looks. So prestine, untouched by glutathione, make-up and Belo technology. A well-spoken guy, a surfer, a musician, a sun worshipper, lalaking lalaki ang dating, a valiant who carries the burden and responsibilities of a son of a controversial politician.

I have been following his sister, Sara Zimmerman Duterte-Carpio’s instagram and I noticed that girls loved Baste even before his public exposure. The fresh from the shower look post on 28th April 2015, a year before the election period has one girl joking, “We pretty girls will vote for Digong because of Baste. Haha”

And since Baste has not only attracted the attention of Visayan speaking girls since he has gone out in public, there is a need to translate Inday Sara’s instagram recent caption in her 24 March post.

I told followers to check her post but came back in frustration. “Di ko maintindihan.”

So here it is.

Sebastian, Baste, Duterte, Hunk, Handome, Badass
That sleepy/drunk appeal. Caption Reads: Sa tanan nangita kay Baste, Nia ra siya oh. Ayaw mo kaguol akoa siya iuli nga buhi. Hahaha.

Sara definitely knows that her brother has captured the hearts of many and has been teasing her followers. It reads, “To all the girls who are looking for Baste, here he is. Don’t worry. I’ll return him back to you alive.”

To which girls responded.

“Damn he makes me want to surf again.”

“Where were you when I was still single?”

“Nabubuhay ang aking katawang tao sa kanya, spells hotness.”

“My future.”

“I love you Baste.”

Non-Visayan scrambled in confusion and asked, “Di ko ma gets ang language hehe.” To which another one replied, “Di naman kailangan maintindihan basta pogi sya.”

Baste will soon be making the rounds again after the holy week to campaign for his father so better check his schedule and his social media accounts. He has an instagram account, where he is following only one (who could it be?) but followed by 2833 souls. However he has but zero post. Zero. Yes. It is just very recently that he activated a twitter account (which is actually not his official account as confirmed today 29 March, really sorry guys). He also has a public facebook page in addition to his private profile.

Is he single?

Well this is a tricky question, which may be answered by their very recent family picture posted by Mindavote16 in facebook yesterday.

Sebastian, Baste, Duterte, Family, Hunk, Badass
The first family sans Digong. From Left, Sara and her husband with their two kids, their mom (Digong’s first wife), Paolo and wife with three kids and ahemmm, Baste and his son and live-in partner. Ouch! Ouch!



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  1. Synnex | 27th Mar 16

    Live-in-partner… there’s a glimmer of hope there girls.. XD

  2. K (@kRossLex131518) | 27th Mar 16

    Thanks.Nice read..I am so amazed how this family live a very simple lifestyle. Imagine, naka shorts and slippers lang talaga while other families ng politicians, kelangan kuntudos bihis pa,make up and all. I salute this family. GREATNESS OVERLOAD!

    • Pinay Thinks | 27th Mar 16

      Thank you. They really are a simple family.

  3. | 28th Mar 16

    Inday Sara definitely knows how to tease! that’s just an adorb pic of him.. awwww! tall,dark,and ruggedly handsome. Please!
    And, yes, move over Alden and James 🙂

  4. Ann G. | 28th Mar 16

    Hahaha! Thank you for translating it to us! I really didn’t understand a single word of her caption! LOL. Shocks! Ang hot talaga! Haha! ♥

    • Ann G. | 28th Mar 16

      Ooopsss! And by the way, I saw this post in FB making rounds. Hehe. Congratz! ♥

    • Pinay Thinks | 28th Mar 16

      Hahaha. I had fun!

  5. | 28th Mar 16


  6. Burat | 29th Mar 16

    I believe am the first one among my “legion” to speak out here!

    • Pinay | 30th Mar 16


  7. deysi | 30th Mar 16

    Hanggat di pa kasal may pag asa pa hahaha kapit lang girls 😻😻😻

    • Pinay | 30th Mar 16


  8. Winter | 30th Mar 16

    Ano name ng kalive in niya?

    • Pinay | 30th Mar 16

      Hi winter, I honestly do not know. Maybe somebody here does. 🙂

  9. Andromeda | 16th Apr 16

    yummy mo talaga Baste! di ako kinikilig sa artista pero ikaw, humaygad, tulo laway!

  10. Carmela | 20th Apr 16

    I sooo love reading your blog. napa smile ako sa ‘HOPE’ . lol 😀

    • Mari | 22nd Apr 16

      Thank you 🙂

  11. Peachy | 25th Apr 16

    Hehehe my love!

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  14. NarsAngel | 30th Apr 16

    ohhhmaygahhd! Kahit gawin mo nalang akong kabit, babe baste! hahahah! chaar. “live-in” lang naman and hindi pa kasal! hanggat walang marriage contract, kaya pa yan! HAHAHA! soooo hot and yummy gaaahd.

  15. marie | 6th May 16

    live in! hinde pa kasal so pede pa! hahahaha

  16. keil | 12th May 16

    .,I’m so impressed with this family..they lived in simple way of living. and behind the tattoo of Baste..i know that he is very loving man.. so ang swerte ng live-in partner niya..

  17. BB | 20th May 16

    if my memory serves me right.. his live-in partner’s name is DARELLA KATE LABIO. Classmates kami back then and I can’t believe that’s her but it’s really her! Hahahaha ^^

    • Lian | 21st May 16

      Pls respect her privacy. Ni hindi nga sya lumantad dba kasi ayaw nya ng gulo buhay ng ibang tao pinapaki alaman eh. Im an avid fan of baste i know the name of her gf but i nevr mention it to anyne kasi ang bait nya lang she desrves a peaceful life. Kindly delete the Comment above hndi po matutuwa si baste nyan as much as possible kasi gusto nya protectahan ang pamilya nya.

      • Lian | 21st May 16

        Babae pa naman kayo pero halos wla ng respeto sa sarili puro chismis nlang ina atupag. Mag trabaho kayo ayusin nyo buhay nyo para maka hanap kayo ng mabuting nobyo, pano kung kayo nasa lugar nya? Matutuwa ba kayo sa mga comment na ganyan? Jusko.

        • Lian | 21st May 16

          Nananahimik ang tao pinapaki alaman nyo, respeto lang sana. Kung may natitira pa

  18. lee | 12th Jun 16

    ito ebidensya oh!
    HAPPY FAMILY sila! ☺️😍 yan yung wifey naka white. MAGANDA dba?😉Simple lang! yan yung tipo ni Baste..and they are together for THREE years & counting.. 😍

    sa mga nagwiwish na sana maghiwalay cla ni Baste,,, jusko! TUMIGIL NGA KAYO!! kung kayo kaya nasa sitwasyon nyang babaye, di ba kayo masasaktan???

    YES!! we can’t deny it.. ATTRACTIVE talaga c Baste! TALENTED at MATALINO.. pero lahat ng tawo merong imperfection.. pero tiniis sya ng wifey nya at tanggap naman pati anak nya sa una..

    Tapos sasabihin nyo, “Maghihiwalay din yan!” dahil lng crush nyo c Baste?!?! mygaaaaad!!! mukha kayo tanga!! OK lng yan mgka gusto kay Baste, pero wag kayo BITTER oi to d point na dinadasal nyong maghiwalay cla ng asawa nya… YES!! ASAWA na tawag dyan oi. Bakit nyo sinasabing GF?!?! they are living together as husband & wife although they are not married yet.. Duuuh oyy!! Kaya sana naman ipagdasal natin HAPPINESS nila at ng magpakasal na cla..hindi yung kung ano anong kagagahan… dami nega sa mundo… nabeastmode tuloy ako HAHAHAHAH !! PEACE!


    #BasteDuterte #DU30 #MayForever

    • NarsAngel | 12th Jun 16

      ano ba yan. yung mga patolang nag cocomment jan at pinapatulan yung mga komentong kakiligan lang, or the comments na just for fun lang like ” magkakahiwalay din yan” hello!! isn’t that too ovious na wala naman pag asa kay baste yung mga nagcocomment dito? ikaw ang mukhang tanga teh! feel na feel mo eh! haha! feel na feel mo ipaglaban ang nadadama ng kalive in ni baste. affected much?? napasalamatan ka ba sa pag tatanggol mo? sa pang babash mo sa mga nag jojoke lang na nag cocomment dahil kinikilig lang kay baste? oh c’mon! nakakatawa te! hahaha

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