Inbreeding and the Downfall of Aquino

Inbreeding has killed off a line of kings. It has also caused the downfall of powerful dynasties.

I find myself thinking in a mischievous grin.

First, I have an interest in genetics. Second, my creative mind is in an overdrive, seeking to find relevance in the Philippines.

The famous Egyptian King Tutankhamun, who was known for his elaborate grave was a product of inbreeding. His father and mother are brother and sister. He died at the early age of 19 and was a frail man all his life. He has a club foot and walks with a cane.

The powerful Habsburg dynasty in Spain came to an end after 200 years.  Frequent inbreeding with uncles, nieces and cousins rendered their genetic pool weak. The dynasty ended when King Charles II died at the age of 39, leaving no heir to the throne. He was mentally retarded, impotent and infertile .

There are so many stories of consanguineous marriages in history. Adam and Eve, are classic examples. But God probably exempted them from the curse of inbreeding.

There is always good news.

Not all offspring from inbreeding inherit abnormalities. Scientists suggest that if the father and mother who are related do not share the same mutated recessive genes, then they will have normal offsprings.

But what has this all got to do with the Philippines?

Inbreeding, downfall, philippines
Philippine Flag by unknown Baguio Artist. Oh my Gulay. March 2010.


Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III is a product of inbreeding. He is the grandson of Benigno Aquino Sr. and Dona Aurora Aquino. Benigno Sr. and Aurora are third-degree cousins.

As you can see their relationship is already distant. It does not warrant us anymore worry of genetic mutation due to inbreeding. The likelihood that they share the same bad genes is a small possibility as compared to first degree cousins.

Well, supposedly.

But what of P-Noy’s seemingly irregular behaviour?

This is when things turn exciting.

Even before he became President his odd behaviour has left many distracted.

I had an opportunity to observe a senate hearing in the senate halls itself and saw him, the senator, standing in the halls, his arms crossed, eyes closed, and mouth half-open.

Does he have bionic powers? Standing and sleeping at the same time?

There were rumours as well as unconfirmed psychiatric reports about his odd behavior. That he is allegedly taking psychiatric  medications. That he is lethargic and does poorly in school. I read from somewhere that he even failed the Ateneo entrance exam. He is uninterested in sex. No wonder he is still single. And, he is manic-depressive. Ninoy was seriously concerned with his only son that he brought him to a psychiatric clinic in Boston.

Even as occupying the highest seat in the land, he still plays the PSP. His favorite playmate, Joshua Aquino, son of Kris Aquino. Kris needs no introduction, everyone knows who she is.

It is a public knowledge that Joshua has an autism disorder. Kris talks about him in national television. Kris also monologues about her life’s drama in detail for the whole world to see. And it greatly pleases and satisfies her.

My psychologist friend said, Kris looks like she has a histrionic personality. She said, her constant attention-seeking behaviour is a manifestation of this psychological disorder.

Their father Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., also had a photographic memory – a mental ability that is beyond the norm.

If indeed true, how could this family be a beneficiary of developmental and psychological disorders?

Is it from the bad genes they inherit from inbreeding? Is it the exposure to psychological stress inherent in wealthy political families or from the strained marital relations between their father and mother?

Soon enough, as P-Noy “led” this country for six years, we were brought into both natural and man-made disasters in cataclysmic proportions.

inbreeding, downfall, aquino, philippines
A stairwell in one of the centuries old churches in the Philippines.


But we are Filipinos we suffered and chose to suppress our bottled-up anguish and dissatisfaction.

We are just like that, meek. Powerless in front of an emperor with no clothes. We look sideways because we are afraid to take the streets and tell him he is naked. And besides, media tells us he is dressed even as we see him embarrassingly unclothed.

One day soon we will wake up with Joshua Aquino as the President of the Republic.

Insane. But a possibility.

With this, is another greater possibility. Just as Tutankhamun died because of weak genes caused by inbreeding, a king will die and along with it a downfall of his dynasty.

My only question is, whose line will go down in Philippine history?

Is it the Aquino political dynasty, the whole Filipino nation, or both?

When the mentally retarded King Charles II of the Spanish Habsburg line died, the House of Bourbon of France assumed the Spanish crown.

When the last lineage of this family will perish. Somebody will have to assume the Phillippines.

It may be, God forbid, an American citizen, a pawn by a different branch of the family tree of the Cojuangco lineage.

But then at least we are saved from one horrifying element.

She is no longer a product of inbreeding.

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    a result of critical thinking…

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