Change is not coming, A revolution is

An imminent Rodrigo Duterte win, is a victory against the oligarchy.

Oligarchy Who?

They are the few. The wealthy and powerful. They amassed wealth for more than a hundred years. They grab every political and economic opportunity as it comes. They eat and swallow everything on their way for as long as it fattens their pocket.

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They rule this country. They control politics,  government, and economy. They survive many political regimes because they are political chameleons. They change their color depending on the political atmosphere. They do it to maintain their hold in the government and subsequently protect their economic interest.

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They play their role so well. They have so deeply rooted in the Philippine society like leeches. It is hard to rip them off. When you do, it will be bloody.

Worst of all, the oligarchy controls the media. They manipulate history. The can turn a sinner into a saint and a saint into a sinner. They fabricate news as they like. They design entertainment. They define what is good and bad. They tell Filipinos how to think, eat, live, entertain, and choose leaders.

And yes, the oligarchy is evil.

The Oligarchy is the Petri dish for Social Cancer

The oligarchy is the real enemy of the Filipino people. It is not your neighbor who is voting for the other candidate. It is not your friend you unfriended in facebook just very recently. It is not the priest or the pastor who thinks you vote for the other candidate. They are just victims of the system. Their minds are conditioned. They may not even know what this election is all about.

The real enemy is not even the ideological groups and the criminals and the drug pushers. But of course, we have to deal with them, like we do with cancer. We eliminate or subdue the cancer cells. They are the cancer cells and the oligarchy is the acidic medium where cancer cells thrive and multiply.

Duterte, Flag, Patriot

Duterte is the Alkaline to an Acidic Environment

The Philippine state is so acidic. Thanks to the oligarchy. Our social cancer is now terminal.

A vote for Duterte is the antidote to the oligarchy. He is the alkaline food. The alkaline food will bring the body back to a healthy balance. When the body is healthy, it reduces the likelihood of developing cancer cells.

I am saying this because Duterte is the only presidential candidate who is not backed by the oligarchy.

Mar Roxas is running under the Liberal Party of Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III. Jejomar Binay is running under the UNA Party of Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr. Grace Poe is running under the NPC Party of Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.

There are only two legitimate presidential candidates, Rodrigo Duterte and Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Duterte and Constitutional Reform

But I am choosing Duterte for the very reason that he espouses constitutional reforms. These reforms will suppress a sickly and acidic society created by the oligarchy.

Orion Perez Dumdum, of the Correct Philippines movement, chooses Duterte as he is the only candidate whose platforms meet the three-point agenda for a better Philippines. These are  economic liberalization, federalism and parliamentarism.

Economic Liberalisation

We need to provide jobs for Filipinos. We need to keep talented Filipinos to work in the Philippines. By keeping Filipinos in our country, we are also protecting the basic unit of our society – the family.

But the Philippines cannot provide jobs for everyone.

The 1987 constitution which is authored by the oligarchy restricts economic activities. Foreign ownership of businesses is limited to only 40%.

Now tell me who owns the major businesses in the country? And why such restrictions?

Common sense will tell us that the oligarchy does not want competition. They want a monopoly. The result, employees are poorly paid. Consumers pay high prices but get poor quality services and substandard products.

The 1987 constitution also restricts media ownership. Only Filipinos (100%) can own the media. I hope that you see the point there.

Tell me now, who owns the media? Who are their presidential candidates?


If you follow Duterte’s rally, you must have heard him many times talking about Federalism. For him, it is a better alternative to the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

Federalism will empower different regions in the Philippines. Every region’s capacity are enhanced and its natural resources developed. This means that people in the regions will no longer have to flock to Manila to seek for opportunities. It will also solve the traffic, congestion, and pollution in the Metro, among others.

Isn’t that a happy solution?

Yes for the ordinary Filipino citizens. No for the oligarchy.

Parliamentary System

The very reason why we are getting poor quality Presidents is because of the presidential system which is based on popularity. If we shift into a parliamentary system, we will no longer have a president who is elected by the majority. A prime minister will ascend after competing with different candidates from other parties with the best platforms.

Duterte is a Threat to the Oligarchy

The oligarchy wants to keep things the way it is. They want to hold unto the constitution to protect their economic interest. But here comes this man named Duterte who wants to change the constitution.

He is giving the oligarchy a headache. He is hard to pin down because he is unpredictable. Their problem lies with the fact that Duterte’s magnetic charisma can draw massive crowds everywhere he goes. Worst of all, they cannot fit Duterte in a square box, a round ball, a polygon, or any shape they can think of. And that is really very frustrating.

Out-of-the-Box President

Duterte is an out of the box presidential candidate. He shoots expletives like a machine gun. And he does not care about his image. Once he goes on stage he becomes his own one-man show. He is his own emcee, story-teller, cheerer, actor, and stand-up comedian. And the worst thing that the oligarchy realise is that, he is having an awful lot of fun. And so does the massive crowd.

Duterte, Image, Rally


Duterte, Crowd, Massive

Duterte is an Exciting Personality 

He is a charmer, a comedian, an angry revolutionary, a self-confessed criminal killer, a womanizer, an underachiever, a socialist, and friend of his enemies. He vows to kill criminals and protect the military and the police at all cost but will not hesitate to kill them as well.

He can talk for great lengths to an entertained and deliriously laughing audience who refused to leave even as he is done talking.  Even the media assigned to him is all ears because he always has something newsworthy to say which they will feast upon later to discredit him. But to no avail.

Duterte, News

Duterte Inspires

But even as his rallies become a stand-up comedy show. Digong inspires. He inspires discipline. The audience does not just leave the rally. They will start picking up their litter and leave the place clean as if no party of tens of thousands happened an hour ago.

That in itself is a phenomenon. Tell me if that happens to the other candidates after their rallies.

Duterte, Discpline

Duterte is the Clear Winner

Duterte is the clear winner. He is the people’s choice. Even the oligarchy-backed survey firms that are clearly for the three other presidential candidates no longer have the opportunity to manipulate results. They have to report results with a semblance of integrity and closer to the real numbers, lest they completely lose their credibility.

The people are talking. He is the real victor. He is the 16th Philippine President. If not cheated, by the oligarchy.

Duterte, Crowd

Duterte is a Smart-ass Publicist

He talks like a thug. He shocks the uninitiated, the moralists, the conservatives, the hypocrites and the ones who just don’t know what the hell is going on!

Duterte has none of the pretentiousness of a politician. If I were his publicist, I will wind a tape on his mouth. But Duterte cannot be controlled. He has no script. He speaks uncensored that he is actually hurting his own campaign. It is a take it or leave it affair.

He does not care.

Duterte, Slippers

But on second thought, Duterte does not need a publicist. He is his own publicist and he is very effective.

The Trouble With Duterte: He does not talk about his Accomplishments

The trouble with Duterte is that once he gets on stage he becomes so pumped up in entertaining his audience. He speaks like a kanto boy with his drinking buddies. But his drinking buddies are now tens of thousands from the A to E class. Instead of talking about his accomplishments he cracks jokes peppered with expletives.

I see in him a stubborn person who has a mind of his own. He is dangerous if you break the law. He will make unpopular decisions. But he gets things done for the greater good. If he is not, he would not have made what Davao City is as it is today.

Duterte, Davao City

A Macho with a Soft Heart

But behind the machismo is a person with a soft heart quick to shed a tear. He is just like that human, very human. And that’s what endears him to most of us – who are like him, human as well.

Digong Cries

The Oligarchy Will Make Sure Duterte Fails

The oligarchy is not going to take things sitting down. They are going to make it hard for Duterte granting that they allow him to win. They will make sure he will fail. They are going to humiliate him, crush him, lock him up, like they did to anyone who went against their way.

They have of course cooked up all the elements of cheating and defeating Duterte. They may even put a bullet in Duterte’s head. Which is the simplest solution – but the deadliest outcome.

Volunteerism Like We’ve Never Seen it Before

When I see the massive crowd for every Duterte rallies and motorcades. I see a boiling mass movement waiting to explode.

People are bringing their own water and baon to wait for him for hours under the heat of the sun to listen to him speak. They make their own campaign paraphernalia. The rich have elaborate taurpalins, ballers and flyers. The poor they have their own recycled cardboards and sacks.

Musicians, actors and actresses come in throngs to support Duterte for free.

Filipinos from all classes come to Duterte rallies for various reasons. Some may be fighting for justice and inequality, for laglag bala, SAF 44, poverty, graft, corruption, crime and poverty. Some privileged class come out of sheer exasperation of the present government.

As soon as Duterte appears, thousands of delirious supporters chant the three syllabic magic word “Du-ter-te” with their clenched fist up in the air.

Duterte, Crowd

And once he shoots the “Putang Ina” invective. He sends the ecstatic crowd clapping in agreement and howling in anguish. Anguish to whom?

The Ninoy Aquino Blunder

The oligarchy is smart. But, it is also greedy. Out of greed, they installed Benigno Simeon Aquino III. The Noynoy we know who poked so many holes in our already rotten ship of a nation.  He started bloody. From the hostage taking which killed Hongkong Nationals to the Kidapawan Carnage. The Kidapawan massacre is not yet the last. He still has a few days left. He also left us with 6.4 Trillion Pesos Debt.

Putting Noynoy in Malacanang was the biggest mistake that the oligarchy made. And it angered Filipinos.

The Message is the Crowd

The clenched fist and deafening chant give me the chill. If I am Duterte’s opponent, I will be very alarmed.

The oligarchy is. They are so alarmed and panicking.

If you watch the rallies and motorcade,with or without Duterte, you do not just see a simple want for change. You see a mad crowd, a very mad crowd, hungry for change.

But I think that change is an understatement.

Because change is not coming, a revolution is.

Duterte, Crowd


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  1. Raisen E | 23rd Apr 16

    Good read! He is the messiah! The hope for our children and the beggining of a real justice has arrive!

    • Mari | 25th Apr 16

      Thank you Raisen. Share the love.

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