Why Girls Love Baste Duterte

Baste Duterte woke me up today. Not that he slept with me. No. But that is every girl’s wish today who are smitten by our guy.

One of the things I do every morning is check my blog statistics. Every day, I get search terms related to our “it” guy. Sebastian Z. Duterte, Baste Duterte Age, Baste Duterte Wife, Baste Duterte Body, Baste Duterte child, Rodrigo Duterte Son, and so on. But today, and to my surprise, his post got the most views. And I am happy.

I am happy for our guy too. His sudden rose to fame is as enigmatic as his father’s. But what of him? Is it all about his charm or something else?

Charm is the way of getting the answer “yes” without asking the clear question. – Albert Camus

Camus is very right. Which is precisely why all the girls are saying yes to him. Yes to everything about him even without him asking any question.

Baste do not have to ask, he just needs to stand there. Just like that.

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That was how I discovered him too a few weeks ago. He was standing with his father’s campaign paraphernalia behind him. I thought who is this good-looking local rockstar with tattoos?

So I wrote my first blog post about him, then second and then this one. Because I am trying to make sense of Baste Duterte’s enigma. Or maybe we call it the “it”, or the “x factor”.

We often hear a lot about the “x factor”. In mathematics, it is everyone’s problem. We solve for it. In politics and the entertainment industry it is a significant concern. Not that they need to solve for the “x” but that they need to have the one with the “x factor” to earn more money and following. Everyone talks about the “x” factor but nobody defines it because it is hard to define it.  In our vernacular we sometimes call the person with the “it” as somebody with “lakas ng dating“.

I ran into a blog of Music Biz Academy who tried to define the x-factor. Theirs is the explanation I am satisfied with.

X factor is both visual and emotional. Visual refers to the good looks. Emotional on the other hand, is the magnetic appeal.

Magnetism is the combination of a number of personal qualities such as a sociable personality; self-confidence; charm; inner peace; comfort with one’s sexuality; rebelliousness; obvious intellect; a unique viewpoint; intensity or focus; authority; or sense of humor.

Baste has both the visual and the emotional appeal. He has the good looks, in fact a great body and yes, the magnetism. That something that makes the girls smile inside with a blush. “Kilig.”

Will somebody – the fashion, sports and music industry give this man a career?

 This video is courtesy of Breachelle Bustria. Please visit her youtube account.


We have seen many good-looking men who only catch our attention at a glance and then nothing. Out of sight out of mind.

Baste is not “out of sight, out of mind”. He provokes excitement and curiosity. Which is why, he is one of the most searched terms in the  net, in so far as my blog is concerned. But why?

Music Biz Academy says, people with the “x factor” have a way of pushing our button’s psychologically. They make us feel good. The “x factor” that lives within them, speaks to something inside of us, often times, something, that we are not even in touch with.

I do not know what is inside of the girls who are interested and stalking Baste? Is it the need for the knight in shining armour? Is it the need for the guy who also awakens our deep sexual desire to be with the “bad” guy with the tattoos? The need for adventure with the guy who rides the waves? The need to be physically smothered with the guy with the six pack abs? The need for a sense of mystery with the  laid back and reluctant son thrown into public fame out of necessity – to campaign? Is it the need for excitement and power because he is a son of  an enigmatic politician? Is it something else I could not think of? Or all of the above?

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  1. Maria May Kililing | 12th May 16

    Nakakatawang isipin that everybody is going gaga over him but I can see the appeal for the majority of girls: everything about him says “bad boy and avoid him”; but as you delve deeper, you are proven otherwise. 😉

  2. Nikki Dyosa | 19th May 16

    Baste Duterte is perfectly HOT! <3

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