Drugs: China’s Subtle Scheme of Destruction

Drugs and politics go hand in hand in a corrupt government – like the Philippines. But if there is anyone laughing their hearts out today it’s the drug cartels, the oligarchy, and China.

If you allow me, let’s travel back to a few centuries earlier.

Britain Corrupted Chinese Officials Through Drugs

In the 18th century, there was a high demand for Chinese tea, silk, and porcelain by the British Market. The Chinese wanted however that they will be paid by Britain for their products in silver. The British hesitated to pay them silver because it will drain their reserves.

The British adopted a more creative solution. Instead of paying silver, they bartered opium. Note that the Chinese had inhaled opium-laced tobacco which the Dutch introduced centuries earlier. Britain knows that it would be easy for them to introduce the product since China is already familiar with the drugs.

The British took opium in India. India was then at that time under their control. Importing opium was illegal under the Qing empire but they managed to import the drugs in a vast scale through corrupt Chinese officials.

British Defeated China in Opium Wars

From the 18th to the 19th century, the Chinese populace became a generation of drug addicts. This led to social instability. The Qing dynasty often ends up in armed clashes with the British merchants. This eventually ended in the First Opium War. The Chinese were defeated. Of course, it is easy to defeat a corrupt nation and drug intoxicated populace.

As a result, the British were given the island of Hongkong and trading ports of Canton and Shanghai. A subsequent war, known as the Second Opium War ensued with France as another player. China opened 80 ports to the foreign traders.

Drugging a Nation is the Easiest Way to Colonise Them

That was how Britain invaded China without literally invading it. They used drugs.

China is brilliant and they learned this lesson all too well. As soon as they revived their country, they are subtly invading their neighbour using the same strategy as the British. This time in the Philippines.

Liberal Party Treasurer Died in a Freak Chopper Accident

On May 17, 2010, ten days after the presidential election Quezon Governor, Rafael Nantes died in a suspicious chopper accident. His helicopter exploded in mid-air.

Nantes was the National treasurer and chief fund-raiser of Liberal Party, the standard-bearer was Benigno Aquino III who ran for presidency. Four days before the election, the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group uncovered a drug shipment and manufacturing base in Burdeos, Icolong Island, Quezon.

The drug bust operation came following reports by the US Drug Enforcement Agency about an international drug laboratory in Quezon province.  The amount generated by the industry was estimated at 8.4 billion dollars. This huge amount of money is reported to fuel campaign for the presidential election as well as to be used for massive cheating in the polls.

There were persistent reports that Nantes was involved in the smuggling trade in Quezon. He was under investigation after the drug bust. Suspiciously, he died in an air accident a few days later.

Benigno Aquino III won the polls and the country was mired in a sickening spite of crime and corruption related to drugs.

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Drug Laboratory in Bilibid Prison

The New Bilibid prison is the largest penitentiary in the Philippines. But Bilibid is not the usual prison. Inside the sprawling estate are luxury villas of criminals of all types including drug lords. One raid led to the discovery of 1.4 million pesos, stacks of dollar bills, air-conditioned luxury cells, strip bar, jacuzzi and a drug laboratory.

Jayvee Sebastian a gang-leaser and drug king was once featured in Discovery Channel documentary. He proudly showed off his modern office (in Bilibid) and his pictures smiling alongside President Benigno Aquino III and Leila de Lima the Secretary of the Department of Justice, who is currently running for Senator.

Meanwhile, Robin Tiu, a Chinese national, and a convicted drug trafficker lives inside his luxury cell in Sablayan Prison and Penal Farm. He still continues to sell drugs. These drugs are cooked by Chinese nationals who are imprisoned at National Bilibid Prisons.


The West Philippine Sea Invasion

While the Chinese nationals are profiteering from their unhampered drug business with crooked government officials and the elites on their side. Their other arm is also busy strategically planting infrastructures in resource-rich West Philippine Sea.

Shabu Capital of the World

The Philippines is now the Shabu Capital of the world. Thanks to China. This is a fact.

  • Ninety percent (90%) of law enforcers in Metro Manila are involved in drugs
  • Corrupt prosecutors are easily paid to acquit drug traffickers
  • Ninety-three (93%) percent of all barangays in Metro Manila is flooded with drugs
  • Ninety-two (92%) percent of barangays in the Philippines are now penetrated with drugs
  • About 8.8 million or ten percent of Filipinos is now into drugs.
  • There are 300 shabu laboratories in the country
  • The drug industry earns 500 Billion pesos per year
  • Politicians are also involved in drugs
  • Drug money is used to fund campaign and cheat in elections

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China is just waiting for the perfect timing

China was defeated by the British because they are not just intoxicated with drugs, they have an inferior military technology. They gave away an important island, Hongkong. They also opened their ports to trade. They also paid a humiliatingly large fine to Britain.

The same thing will happen to the Philippines.

China is just around the corner sneaking, waiting for the opportune time. They are watching the Filipinos succumbing to drugs. They are laughing their heads off watching the political circus. They are mocking our inferior military technology.

They know we cannot defeat them given our social instability. They also know that in our defeat we can easily give away the West Philippine islands where they have already put up infrastructures. They also want our geopolitically strategic ports for Chinese products, their military operation and of course, drugs.

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