An Open Letter to the Philippine Media from a Dutertard

Dear Philippine Media (The Corrupt and Irresponsible Media),

I think that you just don’t get it. If Duterte says he does not want any more press conference with you till the end of his term, he means it.

I know you didn’t see things coming. It’s hilarious how you found yourselves suddenly caught off guard. Well, it’s understandable. Looking at you, you were so comfortable, so stuck in your old ways – thinking you hold the reins. Unfortunately you don’t, this time.

Ang buhay ay weder weder lang. Shame on you.

From the very start even when Duterte did not declare his intention to run, you have failed to read him and his phenomenon. He is unlike any politicians you help created or destroyed. You cannot fit him in a round hole, a square, a triangle or polygon or whatever. That’s the difference.

First, when Duterte ran, you rarely show in your news his sorties attended by tens of thousands of genuine hastag change is coming fanatics from all walks of life. What you did is follow him like hungry dogs feeding only on rotten meat. You stood there prying, waiting for him to say something, at least just one thing that you can take out of context and blow it up in your headline news. You party to death when it happens as if his blunder (which you actually blow out of proportion) are your victories.

Second, unlike any politicians whose image are connived and shaped by the Philippine media, Duterte’s image is not. He is not dependent on you. Let us take for example your patron, Corazon Aquino who you likened to a saint. Benigno Aquino III, her son, who you projected as the best president in the Philippines. You also sold Leni Robredo – the simple congresswoman-vice-president who commutes by bus to and from Bicol but throws a lavish victory party of caviar and wagyu beef (first-time to have heard of such). Duterte owes you nothing.

Third, you think that you are too powerful that anyone can bend to whatever direction your patrons want for this country.  No, you are not. You are only as powerful for as long as you are fed with wads of money. Duterte has no money and he does not care about his image. That is something you do not understand.

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Fourth, Rodrigo Duterte won, not because of you. What you did instead was destroy him and vilify him. You thought all along you’re old scheme of destroying an image will mar his presidency. It did not. Instead, 16 million (or shall we say 20 million) Filipinos voted for him. It should have warned you that the Filipino populace is no longer as dumb as you thought we were.

Fifth, just in case you have not realized yet, that this is the age of information technology. You the corrupt Philippine media no longer monopolize information. In fact, truth is just a click away by any one of us – the 16 million of us, even without knowledge of journalism that you boast of. And please don’t even bother blocking news, because we will know.

Sixth, remember that the Filipinos who voted for Duterte are the majority. Remember also that we did not depend on you – the media, to make our decision. If we did, we should not have voted for him. What with all the negative news you feed us all throughout the campaign? I hope that you understand this – that the majority of Filipinos no longer rely on you as the source of truthful and responsible journalism.

Seventh, I know that you are aware of your integral role in nation-building. But instead, you were a happy accomplice in destroying the Philippine institutions. You, in your greed sold a.k.a. PNoy to gullible Filipinos and made him President in 2010. But look at what you’ve done. It backfired on you. Because the person whose image you polished and catapulted to the presidency is the very same man who destroyed his image.

No image-building no matter how expensive it is can cover-up for incompetence.

Eight, haven’t you now realized then that the victory of Duterte is the victory of an awakened and politically conscious Filipinos? Did you not even realize this? That we no longer believe in the lies you feed us? We are just sick and tired of you treating us dumb. Just leave us alone because we love our country and we want to start building our nation again.


Pinay Dutertard


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  1. Faye | 10th Jun 16

    Very well written. Right to the point and full of passion and conviction.

  2. | 10th Jun 16

    Nice post and very on point.

    But I believe the “lavish dinner” issue has been addressed already. “They” said that the party was just organized by supporters and the VP was just a guest.

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