Baste Duterte Decried Discrimination Against Persons with Tattoos

Presidential son, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte decried discrimination and stereotyping against people covered in tattoos and body piercings.

Baste Said Tattooed Persons are Not Violent and Drug Addicts

Baste, who wears a lip ring and is covered in tattoos himself, from his neck down and God-knows where he desires to have them in the future, made a statement during the Fightcon in July 2 in Quezon City. He said, not everyone who has tattoos and piercings are drug addicts.

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Do not Judge a Book By Its Cover

There are sheep in wolf’s clothing as well as wolf in sheep’s clothing. You can never judge a book by its cover.

Tattoos and even body piercings may be an artistic expression or a cultural one. Indigenous peoples from all over the world wear tattoos as a symbol of rank, social status, power and prestige.

Tattoos A Symbol of Stratification

In the Cordillera’s in Northern Philippines, you will see old men and women adorned with tattoos. I have seen very old women selling vegetables in Baguio City Public Market with their arms fully adorned with ink. They must be very brave, I reckoned. I learned that these tattoos reflect their rank in the social stratification. In the Kalinga, 88 year-old Lakay Miguel, got his ink as a mark of a brave man having killed more than two enemies.

Cordilleran Oldest Artist is a Female and is World Renowned

The oldest, in her late 80’s, and one of the last master tattoo artists, Whang –Od has had her work of art, exhibited in Canada. Whang-od uses an orange thorn needle attached to the end of a bamboo stick. She uses a short stick to tap the needle with the pigment (soot and water) into the skin. Whang-od also delivers a chant as she taps the needle into the skin. The chant will protect the subject from spiritual harm.

Facial Tattoos are Beautiful as Well

The Maoris, an indigenous people in New Zealand also has this body art form which is considered sacred. They got this tradition from the Polynesian. If you go around New Zealand you will see some men and women with beautiful facial tattoos.

I also have a tattoo made by an amateur artist which I tried to erase and ended up a scar but hoping to have it re-tattoed using new technology. Mine is rather not cultural but an individual expression. And yes I am not a drug addict and violence prone. I am just a blogger.

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