Is ALDUB Dead? What can resurrect the love-team?

I admit it. I was an ALDUB fan. Please highlight the past tense “was”.

I stopped watching the live television series for months, maybe close to a year. The last time I remember watching was when they first danced at a large dome. The venue adorned with light and glitter in a fairy tale setting was fully packed. The audience came to pay to see the first meeting. It was phenomenal.

I laughed and cried. It was sweet. I wished however that they made the first meeting simple.



When Curiosity Dies a Natural Death

I was never a fan of any Filipino love team. In fact, I considered them mushy and just beyond me. To my surprise, I was not alone.

My snobbish friends in fact, were also hooked into Kalye Serye. We had our own group chat for ALDUB. But our exchange didn’t last long. What we considered a marvel died a natural death. We stopped talking about it.

My curiosity died, well, slowly died. It was half resurrected when they guested an interesting persona played by a gay body builder who shrieks like a young girl. But Sinon Loresca a.ka. Rogelia was temporary and he also could not keep the momentum like the first few months of the split-screen love story.

The Writers Messed it Up

The writers messed up the series prematurely when they let Maine talk. They could not wait. They did not understand that the mute Yaya Dub was the reason why people keep on following the series. They could have thought about something more novel like Yaya Dub learning her ABC’s. It will be hilarious. It will keep us glued. We could have been part of how she will learn to speak.

The non-talking, dub-smashing, flirty Yaya Dub who was over-the-heels attracted to Alden Richards was the reason Filipinos from all walks of life were glued to Kalye Serye. Of course, the equally flirty and good-looking Alden Richards helped.

Literally and figuratively speaking the Yaya Dub phenomenon reflects the Filipino society in more ways than one. It was not just the romance.

The whole point is missed. The mystery was eroded. The momentum pushed way earlier into the climax.

I got bored and so are my friends.

But I admit, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards have a one of a kind chemistry. Don’t give me the JADINE and KATHNIEL love teams because I hardly even know them nor watch their movies. I don’t patronise love teams my whole life. It’s just the ALDUB thing.

We will see what becomes of their first move together – Imagine You and Me. I want to watch it myself out of curiosity.

Yes, there is still a flicker of curiosity.

Just when I thought it is dead. It is not. Maybe it is just there somewhere lying dormant like a volcano.


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