A Tale of Two Freak Chopper Accidents

There is something about drugs, chopper accidents and the Liberal party that tickles my imagination.

On May 17, 2010, Governor of Quezon Province, Rafael Nantes died in a freak chopper accident. His helicopter exploded in mid-air.

In August 18, 2012, Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo died in a suspicious aircraft accident. The wee plane crashed into the sea.

Investigations of both accidents pointed to pilot error as the major cause of the tragedies.

Poor pilots always the sacrificial lambs.

Governor Rafael Nantes

Nantes and Robredo were both associated with the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party however, is mired in allegations of protecting and profiteering from the multi-billion dollars drug industry.

Nantes was the National Treasurer and chief fund-raiser of the Liberal Party during the May 2010 elections. Nantes was investigated for his involvement in a drug shipment and manufacturing base in Quezon Province. The investigation followed after a drug bust made by the Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group was made four days before the 2010 elections. The amount generated by the drug base was estimated to be 8.4 billion dollars. This huge amount of money is reported to fuel the 2010 presidential election as well as to be used for massive cheating in the polls.

Benigno Aquino III, the standard-bearer of the Liberal Party won the May  2010 elections.

A few days after on May 18, 2010, Rafael Nantes died in a chopper accident. After almost a year, Nantes’ widow, asked Department of Justice Leila de Lima to investigate the death surrounding her husband. Nothing happened to the investigation, of course.

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Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo

Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo was projected by the media as a close friend of Benigno Aquino III. The public knows however that Aquino hesitated in appointing Robredo for the DILG post. Somebody else was salivating for the position, we all know him, Mar Roxas. Jesse Robredo was considered by many to be a good egg in a basket of rotten ones. In fact, before his death, he was investigating personalities in the government. One of them was General Joel Pagdilao, an alleged drug protector.

On August 18, 2012, Robredo lost his life in a plane crash. It seemed that Robredo’s death was his fate as he chose to take the wee plane. But the circumstances surrounding his death if probed further is questionable. His widow, now, elected Vice President Lenie Robredo brushed them all off and accepted his husband’s death as is. This, even as she knows that days after her husband’s death, Interior Undersecretary Ronnie Puno with Gen Joel Pagdilao and Gen Oliver Tanseco stormed into Jesse’s condominium to secure classified documents that Jesse kept. She merely reported the attempted “burglary”.

I wonder what kind of wife or vice president Lenie Robredo is.

Were they killed to protect the bigger names in the Drug Industry?

I was pretty much disturbed by Nantes’s death six years ago. Moreso that Benigno Aquino III, whom he raised funds for, won the Presidential elections. But nobody listens to my conspiracy theories. The next six years that ensued is a sickening spite of drug-related crime and corruption.

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When Robredo died in another aircraft accident. It felt odd. But what bothered me the most are the classified documents in Robredo’s condominium that were purportedly stolen by Ronnie Puno and suspected drug protector Gen. Pagdilao. Not surprisingly Mar Roxas took over the DILG post. The next four years was the glory days of the drug industry. Drugs were in fact, manufactured and traded unhampered in New Bilibid Prison.


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