My Story on Marimar: The Mindanao Drug Queen

I remember Marimar. She is the infamous drug queen who controls the biggest drug distribution industry in Mindanao. She is feared. She is powerful.

The Beauty of Thalia

The first time, I heard her name decades ago, I think of the beauty of Thalia. I think of a face that could launch a thousand ships. What else can I think of, of a powerful drug queen in the region? There are many beautiful Maranao women I knew of. She must be beautiful to seduce men and lead a complicated drug industry. Each time her name crops up on occasions when we talk about drugs, the face of the beautiful Thalia comes up.

marimar, drug, thalia
Thalia is the beautiful Marimar in the television novel.

Marimar and Death of Rivals

For years, I know and learned which part of the city to avoid. I also learned she became a Mayor in Lanao del Sur. That’s how she probably earned her nickname Mayora. She had in fact killed some of her rivals and anyone who got in her way, my source said.

Marimar and Speeding Ambulance

All throughout the years I lived in Northern Mindanao, I was wary and suspicious about speeding government ambulances with sirens on. I know they are used to transport drugs. Each time I think of drugs in the area, I think of Marimar.

A Homely Evil

I never thought that after several decades, Marimar the powerful drug queen will be arrested in a drug bust. And I also never thought that the picture of Thalia that stuck in my head is debunked. Marimar the drug queen is just a homely bitch of a face who wrecked millions of lives.

marimar, drug, queen, mindanao
Mayora Marimar is the Mindanao Drug Queen with a very ordinary appearance.

Two Ladies With Blood Stained Clothes

But I will tell you my story which happened decades ago.

One night, my mom opened our door to two ladies. They looked distraught – horror-stricken about to pass out anytime out of fear. We let them in and shut our door.

One is still conversant. The prettier one however, is almost incoherent. She looked pale. Her mood was shifting from blank to fear and sometimes talking to herself. She was on the verge of losing her sanity.

Both of them worked as housekeepers in a Maranao household. That night, they were running away from the powerful family for good. They have witnessed murder many times. In fact, they helped clean up blood, body parts, and dispose of dead bodies. I believed them – I see stains on their clothes.

I did not sleep well that night. I was terrified. I pitied the ladies especially the one on the verge of insanity.

The ladies left our house early to flee from their pursuers. I never heard from them anymore.

I don’t know if the household they worked for is that of Marimar’s. But what I was sure of was that the violence in their household is drug-related.

A Common Hush-Hush Topic

Marimar the drug queen continues to be a common topic me and my friends talk about. She was untouchable. She has a powerful clout in Mindanao. She was feared even by the police themselves.

I never thought she would be arrested knowing how powerful she was.

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The End of Marimar

Marimar is Johaira Abinal. Her husband Major Suharto Tambian Macabuat who was arrested with her, is assigned at Headquarters Support Group of the Philippine Army in Fort Bonifacio. Mayora Marimar supplies illegal drugs in Regions 10, 11,12, Caraga, the ARMM region and Metro Manila. She has links with the Chinese industry where she gets the illegal drugs she distributes in the country.

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