Ten Reasons why Leila De Lima is the Most Hated Senator

I bet you would agree with me, Leila De Lima rose to popularity because she is hated and here’s why.

  1. Leila De Lima had a lackluster performance as chairperson of the Commission of Human Rights. She defended the rights of criminals, terrorists and communists rather than the innocent law-abiding victims.
  2. She is pro-communist, actually, terrorist. She is related to the CPP-NPA Founder Jose Maria Sison. Sison’s wife, Juliet de Lima is third cousin of Leila’s father.
  3. She is incompetent. The National Bilibid Penitentiary became the biggest laboratory of methamphetamine or shabu in the country under her watch as Department of Justice Secretary.
  4. She is sexually promiscuous. She sleeps with several men including a fugitive. Her sex videos with two different men are out for public consumption.
  5. She is chummy with hardened criminal Jayvee Sebastian. Sebastian has his own luxury apartment and a recording studio in National Bilibid Prison.
  6. She has got no shame nor delicadeza. You see her in parties with the biggest drug lords and drug protectors in the country. This is by far her most consistent social media exposure.
  7. She gives preferential treatment to cases such as that of celebrities Vhong Navarro and Cedric Lee instead of the most critical cases of national importance.
  8. She could not walk the talk. She constantly attacks Duterte even when the former was still mayor of Davao City but until now she has not filed a single case. Because, she has got no substantive evidence.
  9. She is ambitious. She enjoys the flicker of attention by the media. She used this exposure to get a seat in the senate. Up to now I could not figure out how she won except for narcopolitics.
  10. She is hateful in all angles. She has an annoying personality with a forced accent. She wears a scarf around her neck loose. And I wish that one day, she strangles herself with it.

De Lima


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  1. Romeo Tuazon | 16th Aug 16

    Hatred does not accomplish anything except hatred. If we believe that there is God, then we should pray for our enemies, love them and bless them. Hard as it may seem in human standard, but Jesus teached that nothing is impossible. Apostle Paul even said, that we should pray for those who are in authority since to obtain peace. God is pleased when we pray for kings and rulers. Allow Jesus in your heart. Let us love one another.

  2. James Rocket | 16th Aug 16

    Go home Romeo, stop proselytizing readers in here, this is a political issue and not a religious one. Anyways, this article is factual indeed. The CHR is a laughing stock, even to the REAL human rights that I truly recognize and observe. She’s just a clown making a fool out of herself.

  3. Marcus Aurelius | 30th Sep 16

    @ James Yes Romeo ought not to proselytize religion in a political situation and yet looking at what he has said, made an impression that is unequivocally noble. Perhaps in times of hate, and all the crap that is out there, such nobility is required. As for the author, the only thing I could agree with is, number 7, the rest just seems like indifferent to the subject at hand, Reasons to HATE, it barely even moved the discourse to a fruitful conclusion.

  4. Jen | 5th Oct 16

    I love this article! I will bookmark your site now because of this.

  5. Pol espolita | 13th Oct 16

    Oh yeah that is right! I hate D5, I am even wondering why she is still in the senate, after the strong evidences against her she should be ashamed of herself f*”#@! Senator D5!

  6. wan | 21st Oct 16

    I agree with #10, her voice is annoying. I cannot stand it when she talks, that accent is too forced. Grrr….

  7. Brad | 30th Nov 17

    Why are you (author) taking it personally ???

    “She has an annoying personality with a forced accent. She wears a scarf around her neck loose. And I wish that one day, she strangles herself with it.”

  8. Brad | 30th Nov 17

    How did you determine that Sen. De Lima is “the most-hated” senator? Did you do a survey of some kind? Are you being intellectually honest here?

  9. George Simon Ohm | 19th Dec 17

    A bitch is a bitch, the media should exposed these misdeeds before the election and condemn her after being elected.

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