Look at What Foreigners Say About Duterte’s Remark on the UN

President Rodrigo Duterte took the international media by storm when he made a straightforward remark on the United Nations he thinks is meddling with is administration’s fight against drugs. He threatened to leave the organisation and criticised the UN for failing to address hunger and terrorism citing Syria and Iraq instead of worrying on bodies of criminals that are piling up.

Duterte has always been passionate about his stand against ending drugs and its associated criminality. His stand however, has met a lot of criticism including the international community. But Duterte as he is, is not to be brought down by bullies and instead launched his own attack to the organisation.

To the un-initiated his remarks may be confounding but some foreigners look at him in a different way which can only make you and I prouder that we have made the right decision in voting for this man.

Read their comments and enj

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