Thoughts of an OFW in New Zealand

  1. When will summer come?
  2. Does it actually come?
  3. Do I really need to carry my jacket even on summer?

OFW, New Zealand, Summer

  1. I love snow but …
  2. I hope it melts fast.
  3. When it does I hope it doesn’t get any colder. And bit my hands to below freezing point.

OFW, New Zealand, Handprints

  1. I miss the fruits back home.
  2. Shopping for fruits in New Zealand is a boring chore. The choices are few.
  3. They have different types of apples. They all look the same to me. And all are sour.
  4. I miss green mangoes so I eat apples or pears soaked in vinegar.

pears, OFW, New Zealand

  1. I miss my friends back home.
  2. Will I ever make real friends with Filipinos? Without being betrayed?
  3. When will I learn to perfectly understand Kiwi accent.
  4. And why do I understand American and British English perfectly?
  5. There is no traffic here and they drive on the wrong way. No, left.
  6. It is so quiet. So clean. And, orderly. I wish it’s like this in the Philippines.

OFW, New Zealand, Orderly

  1. Why did I leave a good life back home? And scrub toilets here?
  2. How long will my body and spirit last?
  3. How much have I saved yet?
  4. I’m so looking forward going home.

OFW, New Zealand, Home, Malunggay


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  1. | 9th Sep 16

    lovely thoughts! mirrors mine.

  2. Joann | 1st Feb 17

    Hi, I’m currently live in UAE. Depending on the contract (annual or once every 2 years), we get ticket money to go back home to Philippines or to any home country. Is this part of the packages for expats in New Zealand? or maybe it’s just available for those with Work Permit or it doesn’t exist at all?

    I’m thinking about going there too.

    I am looking forward to you blog entries and I wish you all the best

    Jo-ann DXB

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