My Birthday

I was born on the 19th of April.  On this same day, 232 famous people were born, to include 118 personalities, 1 president, 2 singers, 1 actor, 31 actresses –  to name a few, Ashley Judd, Maria Sharapova, Jayne Mansfeld, Kate Hudson, and one criminal.

Adding to the 232 famous personalities, is the deposed president of the Philippines, convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada who shared my fortune of the 13th number, him as the 13th president and me baptized with 13 godparents. Worst, I also share the same birthday as Baby James son of Kris Aquino, sister of the 15th president, Noynoy Aquino.

Lazi. siquijor, convent, san isidro labrador

Me at Lazi Convent Siquijor in 2011. A day before this I quit my job writing blogs for others.

My Blogging History

I am a nomad blogger. I first started in Blogger, in 2006. I guess, then I opened another site in WordPress. I bought a domain in the Philippines, canceled it, and put up several blogs in Blogger and WordPress, some of which are private. I retained some of my blogs in blogger. But I didn’t blog regularly. Then I got tired having so many blogs. I got tired of being discrete. So I decided to just retain one blog for everything. I bought my own domain which is so I can now blog regularly. Some of the posts here are imported from my previous blogs.

My Life History

I was raised in an obscure mining town, in Lugait, Misamis Oriental. I spent my teens in Lugait as well as in Iligan City and vice versa (just like a passenger jeepney). I also lived in Baguio City, Cagayan de Oro City and Davao City as well as in Auckland City. Why I left my country is a long story to be written on a future blog post. As of this writing, I am currently residing in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I finished a Bachelor of Science degree as well as a Master of Arts degree. I also got a diploma degree here in New Zealand. My dream is to become a pole dancer, a yoga and pilates instructor, a medical doctor or a psychologist. The latter is still alive and I am working at it.

My Social Goals

My heart breaks for the abandoned elderly, the persons with disability, the children, and the mentally challenged who are living on the streets in the Philippines. They are the first on my list of philanthropic goals. I am away from my country but my heart is still longing to help my countrymen. I am pro-education and pro-life but I am in favor of death penalty for the criminals, rapists and drug pushers.

hero, gomburza, intramuros, fort santiago,
Many have died for the Philippines. The death of hero-priests Gomez, Burgos and Zamora depicted in a wall painting. Taken at an interactive museum in Fort Santiago, Intramuros.


My Retirement Goals

I dream to retire with my partner in my own bahay kubo with a food and flowering garden and trees that I grow myself. I will grow so much food that I will have enough to give away to the neighbors, except for lazy ones. I do not encourage laziness. I will teach natural gardening techniques to the neighborhood for their self-sufficiency. Nobody should die hungry. I also believe that the Philippines is infiltrated by the oligarchy and criminals. They make the poor poorer. And they must be annihilated all at once to save the Philippines.

Oh my gulay, baguio, artwork, recycled, rommel pidazo, philippine flag
The Philippine Flag artwork using recycled plastic rubbish by Rommel Pidazo. Taken at “Oh My Gulay”, Baguio, Philippines, 2010.


  1. Aries Series | 24th Mar 16

    Nice blog. Continue to be a beacon for the poor and the uninitiated.

  2. marilouscot | 24th Mar 16

    Blow me! I wouldn’t have known about you if it were not for my teacher (university days) who asked me to share you article on Juan Luna Love Story. It is wonderful to know that you are just in Christchurch. I admire your writing and the way you use your critical thinking. I hope to meet you someday and have a good exchange of thoughts on a lot of things that matter that most as Filipinos. I so happy to have found you.

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Thank you Marilou. Thank you for reading my blog.

  3. marilouscott | 25th Mar 16

    Oh dear, I spoke too soon. As I read your past blogs about your thoughts on Filipinos in New Zealand and the way you prefer to meet or not want to meet people, it dawned to me that I shouldn’t have been too eager on my comment in meeting up with you. I use to be very hesitant like you and I understand your sentiment. To each his/her own. Your blog is wonderful. Keep it up.

    • Pinay Thinks | 25th Mar 16

      Thank you Marilou. I am actually also socially awkward, that’s why.

  4. Maria Cecilia Gacho Calimlim | 26th Mar 16

    i think before you become a doctor or a psychologist, you can be good social worker, because you have a heart for the less fortunate, needy and underpriveledge people… our country need someone who has concern with poverty and families.. God bless you..

    • Pinay Thinks | 27th Mar 16

      Thank you. I cant be a doctor of med, Im way past my age. Id be a social or a clinical psychologist either way Ill be helping people in the communities and in between that a dancer! 😊

  5. iamronniereyes | 27th Mar 16

    I rarely follow a local blogger. I believer you’re the first, if not one of the few. I like your advocacy and I find your blog interesting. It also helps that you write well. Thank you. Keep it up! 🙂

  6. Pinay Thinks | 27th Mar 16

    Thank you Ronnie. I have followed your blog as well.

  7. Jny May | 28th Mar 16

    Awesome introduction. I currently live here in Baguio City and living in different cities like you do is on my bucket list. 🙂 I also want to start blogging while traveling as soon as I have build my passive business income to pay for it. Haha. Kampai!!!

    • Pinay | 30th Mar 16

      Thanks for reading my blog Jny. Let me know when you start yours.Cheers!

  8. Abe | 9th Apr 16

    “They make the poor poorer. And they must be annihilated all at once to save the Philippines.”

    Annihilated sound like you are for gassing these clan(s) if that means better for the future of the country? Personally share this with you but we both know it isn’t possible. So the next best idea then?

    One thing I don’t like the church having influence in public policies.
    I don’t like the squaters either.

  9. carlotta | 3rd May 16

    A friend posted a link to one of your posts and i am hooked. Will be visiting again soon and just for the record, I’m with you on the annihilation of the oligarchs and criminals.

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