1. Terms of Use

The content of my blog, Pinay Thinks, is purely a product of my overthinking mind. These are all my opinion and not advice. I am independent and I am not in any way influenced by anyone to put up this site or publish a blog.

Once you click my link and read my blog you are in a position that you are reading my blog at your own free will. Please do not take any of the information in this blog as advice. Neither should you take them as fact nor absolute. By all means seek a professional adviser.

2. Copyright Policy

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Please remember that I am the only legal copyright holder of all the materials of this blog, you cannot use, reprint or publish without written consent to me. If you want to use excerpts and links, please provided a full and clear credit to Pinay Thinks with appropriate and specific direction to the original content at www.pinaythinks.com.

All photos used in this blog are all mine, unless otherwise noted. I don’t take photos well. They are not good and yet they are mine (possessive girl). Please do not use them, you have no right to sell them as well, anywhere.

food, meat, flower, eden park, davao city
My love and I had this delicious valentines night dinner at Eden Park, Davao City. This is not an advice. Please seek professional guidance. 

3. Hold Harmless

All information in this blog is for entertainment and informative purposes only. I am not providing any legal or professional or medical advice or anything. I am just, blogging. In fact, I am an amateur blogger and I still have a lot to learn. My post may sometimes appear sarcastic but it is not intended to malign or do harm to anyone.

If you use the information in this blog that you perceive as tips, techniques and recommendations, do it at your own risk. If you are injured or harmed, Pinay Thinks will not be held responsible for it.

4. Privacy Statement

I will not sell any of your personal or contact information to another company (besides I don’t know how to).  I am not really interested in making a profit or whatsoever from the information and comments that you provide to this blog. I will not also put your information on spam list. Akismet is actually doing it for me and I have no idea how he/she does it.

I will not also be responsible or be held liable for any comments on my blog, nor the laws which this blog may break in the reader’s country. I also reserve the rights to edit or delete any comments submitted to this site without notice due to any of the following: it is a spam, it is questionable, it includes profanity, it is offensive and I just don’t like it.

5. Reserve Rights

Pinay Thinks is my personal blog – a canvass of my wandering and overactive mind. My blog thus has no focus, no niche. It changes as fast as my mind changes without further notice. I, therefore, reserve the right to shut down, sell, or change the terms of use, monetize, get advertisers and just do whatever I want to do with it at my own discretion. Don’t worry I will not make profit from you. Refer to no. 4 policy.

Sometimes I write stories on this blog which I change dramatically to remove identifiers including name, race, sex, geographical locations, date, and time. Any similarities to a person, living or deceased is purely coincidence.

6. Advertisers and Sponsors and Paid-to-Blog

I blog as a hobby. But lately, I have been getting a good number of views that I realised I can monetise my website. I use google adsense and amazon affiliate marketing. Sometimes I write about products and services that I like or don’t like. I do not gain any rewards in cash or in any form from the company. I blog about acupuncture in Cagayan de Oro City because I was happy with the service. It was also my way of helping the church-based non-for-profit centre gain clients.

needes, feet, acupuncture, cagayan de oro city, cathedral
Needles on my feet. I paid for this procedure at the centre. I didn’t get a free session nor a free needle for blogging their good service.

7. Letters to the Editor

In any case that I receive messages, tweets, letters or emails sent to me by my readers. I would like to share parts of those letters (if it benefits my blogging) with other readers. If in any case that this blog makes it big (“Why not? What’s my hardwork for?”), I may use the comments for a book, blog or column, provided that I ask for the sender’s permission. If the senders cannot respond within adequate notice it means that I already have the right to it. Yehey!

8. Language and Cultural Issues

I am not responsible for any translation or interpretation of the content. I do not know the rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation.  I skipped English classes. It is not my favorite subject. You see my spelling here is both American and British English. I am already very confused. I grew up and taught the American spelling and I am now in a British colony with different rules.  Both are right anyway.

If the content of my blog crosses a cultural line, I am also not responsible for defamatory statement that offends government, religious or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.

9. Limits on Damages

Any financial claim taken against me and my blog will be a very sad situation for me. It will only be limited only to 30% the value of this website. Seventy percent is already consumed for the maintenance of this site. This means that you cannot sue me or make a financial claim. It would be a waste of time because I am poor.

nails, hammer
Me poor, Doing everything I can for a living. No cash. No sue.