Thoughts of an OFW in New Zealand

  1. When will summer come?
  2. Does it actually come?
  3. Do I really need to carry my jacket even on summer?

OFW, New Zealand, Summer

  1. I love snow but …
  2. I hope it melts fast.
  3. When it does I hope it doesn’t get any colder. And bit my hands to below freezing point.

OFW, New Zealand, Handprints

  1. I miss the fruits back home.
  2. Shopping for fruits in New Zealand is a boring chore. The choices are few.
  3. They have different types of apples. They all look the same to me. And all are sour.
  4. I miss green mangoes so I eat apples or pears soaked in vinegar.

pears, OFW, New Zealand

  1. I miss my friends back home.
  2. Will I ever make real friends with Filipinos? Without being betrayed?
  3. When will I learn to perfectly understand Kiwi accent.
  4. And why do I understand American and British English perfectly?
  5. There is no traffic here and they drive on the wrong way. No, left.
  6. It is so quiet. So clean. And, orderly. I wish it’s like this in the Philippines.

OFW, New Zealand, Orderly

  1. Why did I leave a good life back home? And scrub toilets here?
  2. How long will my body and spirit last?
  3. How much have I saved yet?
  4. I’m so looking forward going home.

OFW, New Zealand, Home, Malunggay