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Thinking about how to pose and pretend I am thinking. Taken inside Lazi San Isidro Labrador Convent, Siquijor. In front, concealed by the acacia tree is the church.


Pinay is feminine demonym of Filipino sometimes they spell as Philippino (I’d seen it many times here) – meaning a person from the Philippines.

Pinay Thinks is a blog of a Filipino woman who overthinks. And it’s me.

I started this blog in 2009 for the purpose of blogging for blogging’s sake. I had no direction, no goal, no theme.

A smorgasbord of my thoughts, this blog, evolves and changes as fast as my overactive imagination. Today, I have the following categories. Tomorrow is another day, and depending on my mind. Things will just change, without further notice.

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  • Coming to New Zealand: From student pathway to permanent residency. Just like any OFW, we leave the country for the same reasons. My struggle as a migrant is chronicled here and I hope that this will help aspiring migrants to learn from my journey and make theirs as worthy as possible.
  • Memory Lane: Growing up in a rural area, playing in the sun. I grew up in a small town and raised in a spartan discipline. I was the tiniest one, with the tiniest feet and often bullied. Always the loser, I rarely won in a game. But it is this anomaly that gave color to my memorable childhood.
  • People Product Places: What I like or don’t like. I have travelled most of the islands in the Philippines, but I only blog about the spectacular ones. I’m also interested in Philippine politics and dabble in it. Sometimes I write about products I use and services I availed which I also want to share with you.
  • Pinay’s Lifestyle: Beauty, Health, Fitness, Gardening, Minimalism. I am a minimalist health and beauty buff. I share here some of my simple beauty and fitness tips. I’m also a passionate gardener and jewellery crafter. I haven’t really blog about it yet. Maybe soon.
  • Books and Bible:  Favorite books and Biblical Verses, Testimony, Love. I read, but I am selective (which actually means I don’t read much). I share some of my favorites books here as well as biblical verses for spiritual growth. I will also write about my testimonies about God’s grace in my life and love.

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  1. Migrant News | 13th Jul 15

    Hi Pinay, can we feature one of your blogs in our newspaper? We could credit your website, or Anonymous. Mel http://www.filipinonews.nz

    • Pinay Thinks | 13th Jul 15

      Dear Mel, It would be an honour. You may credit my website. Thank you for reading my blog.

    • Pinay Thinks | 17th Jul 15

      Hi Mel, will you let me know ahead which post you publish in your newspaper?

  2. Siej leodones | 21st Jul 15

    Hi Pinay. I was inspired by your story. And I want to ask help how you get a student visa and the procedures you gone through to get in New Zealand. I hope you could help my by God’s grace. Thank you. Here is my email siejearvinclaro09@yahoo.com

    • Pinay Thinks | 17th Feb 16

      Dear Siej,
      I think that I already replied through your email, it’s just that i can no longer access my account. I hope that you are doing well. Are you here in New Zealand yet?

  3. Robert Akizuki | 18th Nov 15

    Hi, I was actually just trying to browse Google on how i can get to NZ pretty fast until I bump into your blog and I find the information here really useful since I was too desperate that I am willing to risk all of my savings to get a Student Visa. Can you please give us some tips on how and where should we start? Thank You so much! God Bless You!

    • Pinay Thinks | 17th Feb 16

      Hi Robert,
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      I’m sorry for the late reply as I was so busy the past few months. I moved to Christchurch to find a job. I have written a new post here: https://pinaythinks.wordpress.com/2016/02/15/the-seven-months-i-was-away-i-moved-to-south-island/.

      If you really want to come and take the risk, then do your research, study and study and study, check the immigration website for the skills shortage list. Life here is quiet daunting.

      Second, prepare your documents and go through the process as listed on the immigration website. Don’t go through educational agents, they will only rip you off your money.

      Third, don’t expect to get a return on your investment. Don’t even expect to get a 20 hour job. Even if you do it may not be enough for your weekly bills.

      I have written a new post about this here: https://pinaythinks.wordpress.com/2016/02/17/if-you-want-to-come-to-new-zealand-via-the-student-pathway-dont/

      My next post will be the list of things to prepare before coming here which is not about mental preparedness, money or your documents but the practical things you need in order to leave at least a relatively comfortable transition as compared to what I have gone through.

      I have really learned things the hard way. Good luck and pray for God’s guidance.

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